Southwestern Extremity

Only thus in this opening to the interchange, to pudeperceber how much a city as Belm was so evolved in terms demodernidade of management how much best the practical ones developed in grandescentro of the country that better has attention of the communication vehicles and diffusion, also in half publications of the technician and academics. In the goals of the programs of urban development, still colocado the necessity of creation of programs differentiated for regions, deacordo with population, urban, ambient and economic the characteristics. This regional difference was searched in the Conferences of the Cities that eramrealizadas in municipal, state level until the great national conference. All these stages brought its documents synthesis of the definite actions the cadanvel. 3,457 municipal conferences had been carried through enter the 5.561municpios of the parents, being that some cities if had joined in confernciasregionais as was the case of Ilhus, Itabuna Itap among others that they formed AMURC, Association of the Cities of the South, South and Southwestern Extremity of the Bahia. Coming back to Mega-Objective to strengthen the analysis on oa consideration of the regional differences, as to these, deals with the dimensoeconmica, regional and ambient. In the regional dimension the plan backwards one conceitode that the regions with ' ' social and economic inaqualities (&) where estoregies with reduced capacity to compete with the territories maisdinmicos' '. This vision of the regions poor backwards a poucodesenvolvimentista paternalism that culminated in the current politics of repassed mainly of recursosdistribudos for these regions.

But in the same plain we comomostramos above, the regional distribution of the resources does not reflect, largamenteassim with wide is repeated throughout all plain, the investment nareduo of these inaqualities. Also the agreement of regies&#039 is questionable; ' with low capacity of competir' '. These regions would not have sernecessariamente stimulated to compete or the least, of if integraremcom not before the dignity that respects its characteristics geographic, economic, social, cultural and ambient, stimulated and stimulated with programaspotencializadores and aprimoradores in the level cultural technician and.

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