South America

Fee made him sit down and create new stories. Absorption of large amounts of tea and cigarettes, and loud curses – with all that faced relatives of Gerald, when he worked nights on end, locking in a small room. The first book – "Overloaded Ark" (1952) – was devoted to travel to Cameroon and brought rave reviews, as readers and critics alike. The author noticed a large publisher, and royalties from books (including "Three tickets to Adventure, 1953) allowed us to organize the 1954 expedition South America. However, in Paraguay, a military coup broke out, and almost all living collection assembled with great difficulty, had to quit, taking his feet from the junta (in power then joined Gen. Alfredo Stroessner, who became a dictator for years to 35 years). Their impressions of this trip Durrell described in the next book – "Under the cover of a drunken forests" (1955). Then he invited his brother Larry vacationing in Cyprus and Greece.

Familiar places have caused a lot of childhood memories – So there was "Greek" trilogy: "My family and animals" (1955), "Birds, Beasts and Relatives" (1969) and "Garden of the Gods" (1978). Incredible success of "My Family" (only in the uk it was reprinted more than 30 times and over 20 times in the U.S.) has led to arguments serious critics of the revival of English literature. Moreover, it is the product of "unprofessional" the author included in the program graduate school exams in literature. Ironic Larry Darrell wrote about his younger brother: "The little devil writes beautifully! His style is fresh like lettuce! "Gerald was a master of" animal "portrait.

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