Society Development

The man inside does not fit of itself the man for being a cell of the society, does not fit inside of itself, is necessary to leave itself to contemplate everything that has is of it and to give to new significao of the interactions and connections where external and the intern is always interacting I only know when eye in the mirror, not to the narcisista mirror. But the mirror where it reflects my similarity with the other, as we are constituted of atoms, the other is everything that exists in the land or the universe transforming what it has of subjective concrete or of my agreement of the things with that I become related because beyond the substance we possess a spirit in development that connects in them with the infinite. Inside of this perspective the people go creating things for the benefit of the society But nor always this objective arrives at all e, the times these benefits comes to be harmful to some groups of people, to the search of the social power, economic and politician always generates conflicts, and these conflicts nor always are loosers for groups that they aim at development of the communities most devoid. The politics is the spring master to give route more to the priorities of the needed classrooms. Another primordial sector for the development of the society is known that it is the education, however as the politics, the education to the times exerts a power of manipulation to less unprovided of the knowledge scientific. Because many times, are the service of groups that do not aim at social development as a whole and yes the service of small groups that only aim at the economic power without if worrying about the welfare in such a way of the people as of the planet, in what it says respect to the ecology for the survival of the land, today, tomorrow and always.

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