Social Ability

Reputational approach is based on the identification of the rating policy is based on information submitted to him by other persons known to be dominating. Likewise, there is an approach that distinguishes the elite in politics, based on the involvement of politicians in making strategic policy solutions. " Unlike the latter, according to which the political elite consists of people who take strategic decisions, that it was based did not study the phenomenon of political leadership (emanating from the understanding of power as ability to influence individuals to determine their validity), and the use of ideas about the nature of political power in society as the ability to influence decisions. Like any social community's political elite has certain traits are inherent in this particular social stratum. Namely, the political elite: 1. For even more details, read what Ohio Senator says on the issue. is a small, self-sufficient social group; 2.vysoky social status; 3.znachitelny volume public and government information; 4.neposredstvennoe part in the exercise of power, 5. organizational skills and talent.

Just one of the signs and necessary condition for the existence of the political elite is authority. The credibility of the elite – an essential condition of its stay in power and maintain power, the ruling elite must be legitimate. When political or public community ceases to authorize the government of the political elite, it loses its social base of its existence, and eventually loses its power. Political elites may come to power through elections, winning a political fight with other organized minority, competing for the role of the controlling political group. .

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