The secret of Erinaldo senator Blacksmith of the Carmo December in Brasilia. The natalino climate leaves the colored Capital most illuminated and. It has a visible esvaziamento of the city, with little movement in the public building, vacant idle in the calmer estacionamentos, road and airport. Different of its typical agitation, the city seems fleuma at this time of the year. In contrast of the too much spaces, in the residence of the senator Robert Rodrigues still it has sufficiently movement politics in way to the private little parties, as in any another time it year. The high walls of the large house, covered for grassy greens, hide the informal meetings that happen there inside.

Weekly, always to the fridays, the restricted guests, entrepreneurs, politicians and public managers of the high step, who do not leave Brasilia in the week ends, in contrast of the great majority, dispute an invitation for the little party of the senator Rodrigues. Excellent chance to make politics and businesses, the frequentadores of the party they do not hide the interest in participating of the meeting you provide. Many are offered, but the assessors who organize the little parties follow the rigorous control of the senator, who always of the final a word on who must or not participate. The head of the security of the residence, man reliable of the senator, is the discrete one Been silent, thus called not accurately for being of few words and reserved to its paper in the house, but for being this its last name. Jose Silenced Da Silva deferred payment in the periphery of the Capital and is for that there arregimenta employees for the residence of the senator. You go to work in the cleanness. In the sixth expeditious o if he extends for all the dawn. There you also can be requested to serve the guests.

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