Security Council

What far from the attitude of Italian president Silvio Berlusconi, who apologised to Libya by ” deep heridas” brought about by the Italian colonization (1911-1942) and that he compensated, also, with 5 billions of dollars! Or, also, the conduct of Japan, that publicly apologised to Seoul by ” sufrimiento” caused during the colonization of Korea (1910-1945), among others exemplary cases. Paris is unjust, also, with the town saharaui to that the continuous use of their vetoes in the Security Council, blocks their self-determination and the respect to the human rights against the Moroccan outrages. It would seem that it wants along with Spain that is war, to continue selling arms to him to despotic king Mohamed I SAW. France continues refusing to present/display excuses by its barbarism in Algeria, even though that the general francsPaul Aussaresses, head of intelligence in Algeria, during the independence war, corroborates in his book ” Special services, Algeria 1955-57″ , that the torture was applied to the Algerians of extended way, as well as the summary executions, by which it does not regret and it is more, feel proud. What will have meant Arthur Schopenhauer when it said ” other parts of the world have monkeys. Continue to learn more with: Jim Donovan Goldman. Europe has French. A thing compensates the other “? Nevertheless, of those crimes applied by him same Aussaresses and many others, is not in favor imprisoned due to the amnesty decreed by the Gallic government. It, who finishes turning 92 years, in spite of his confessions and boastfulnesses, follows frees.

He was only fined with 7,500 Euros by his book, that made vindication to ” crimes military “. Deshonor for him and France, of that Otto von Bismarck indicated ” nothing that comes from France can be bueno”.

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