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We must not allow this adventurous venture because of Ivanovo – this is our city, our motherland, we will not allow for such pseudo-fool idea and, once again, rob our people! City brides renamed in Ivanovo-Ivanovo Voznesensk In a campaign for the return of the historic town names – Ivanovo Voznesensk. As Gazeta, the initiative made by the representatives the public, journalists and Russian Orthodox Church. Governor of Men has recently discussed this idea at a meeting with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy ii. Due to lack of money in the city budget referendum decided not to pursue. However, as announced by City Hall, according to preliminary results of considering the opinion of residents, 64% of them are against the return of the historic names, and only 13% want to change the name of the city. Two years ago, the mayor has already spoken with Ivanov This initiative, but the regional parliament was not supported. City brides back the old name of the Ivanovo-Ivanovo Voznesensk In re talking about the return of the city its historic name – Ivanovo Voznesensk. And initiative this time comes directly from two sides – from the Governor Men and the City Duma deputies who have formed a working group to prepare the documents.

This last fact makes the supporters rename optimistic, because under existing rules the final word in such matters belongs to the urban representative body, which then must approve the Regional Duma and the final approval President of the Russian Federation. Here, in Ivanovo, namely, the urban deputies in the 90 years are not allowed to carry on this citywide referendum that the public has repeatedly attempted to initiate. And in this new century, when to restore historical justice in the toponymy urged the leadership of the local diocese, already their regional colleagues refused even to consider her appeal, as in the documents missing Finally, the governor. If the diocese had only itself to christen the Ivanovo-Voznesensky (decision taken at the Synod of the ROC). All habitually referred to the high financial price to rename, although, according to calculations previous Ivanovo Mayor Aleksandr Grosheva, if the transition to the new name gradually, using documents of the practice of double names of cities, the budget expenditures will not exceed three to four million rubles. In general, the city Ivanovo and in post-Soviet era has not only maintained its rustic name, though turned into a time of a provincial village into a powerful industrial center just as the Ivanovo-Voznesensk, but has now become one of the few Russian cities, where all survived the entire Bolshevik toponymy. That is not a single street and the area is not returned its historic name, although it sometimes even came to the mass protests of the city. Say, after the events of the hostage-taking in Moscow (Fall 2002) residents of the street fighters organized a rally demanding to immediately change its name.

They were supported by then and the former mayor Groshev. But the city Toponimical Commission ultimately decided that fighting squads rsdlp – this is also our history. A history should be respected. Remained untouched city of Ivanovo toponymic reserve Bolshevism. In addition to the governor and the City Duma in renaming Ivanov spoke a year ago and its current head Alexander Fomin. True, the above should, as he said then, the city 'to comb and wash. " In this regard, the work of government done a lot. Indeed prettier and tidied up a new name for the city of Ivanovo-Voznesensk will to face. And you 'FOR' or 'AGAINST' Rename?

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