What is more, the EQF adopts this measure despite the fact that several institutions through notes and in congresses, seminars and forums, asked for no reduction or exclusion but strengthening and the ranking of the Guarani language; by assigning to the Guarani more hours of classes at three courses in a way to be in equal footing with Castilian, as commands it the national Constitution, which in its article 140 recognizes both languages as official and with the right to receive, as such, equal treatment especially in education (Art. 77). On the other hand, at the discretion of the ATENEO 257 technical report was written in an ambiguous and little serious way to cause more confusion; It seems that their authors we are considered silly at all; therefore – after clearly admit that Guarani was exluido of the third course – the fifth paragraph of the report says: as you may notice, reduced discipline has not been excluded. We know that, in essence, the decision to reduce and exclude the Guarani does not correspond to V.E., but those responsible of the Resignification of middle education, who also produced that aberrant technical report and without reasonable pedagogical support; and that it risks the MEC to disobey a constitutional mandate. Faced with this situation, we appeal to V.E. asking, once again, the reconsideration of the decision of the Ministry of education and culture to reduce the hours of teaching of the Guarani language in the second year of secondary education; and – even worse – the exclusion of the teaching of the Guarani language in the third course: and that, on the contrary, the MEC strengthens and nest the Guarani language, giving it the same time burden of Castilian, in three courses of the secondary education. This approach is shared by other institutions and individuals, national and international, that have spoken by different means, including via the Internet these days.

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