Republican Party

Like the rest of the candidates, points its critics at Hilary, that is the one that more intention of vote has. Profile of the Republicans the main problem of the republicans is to know how they are taken off of the pro-government speech and the unpopular invasion to Iraq. All defame president Bush, but they do not deny that they would act militarily in Pakistan if the situation of the Islamic militants were extreme, although criticize to Obama to have animated to make that declaration public. Generally, the republicans do not approach the ethnic minorities, except the Cubans, that traditionally they choose the candidates of this party. Rudolf Giuliani: it heads the surveys of the Republican Party. A 56% have to their favor the reduced salary the rate of delinquency while he was mayor of New York. He is the unique republican who does not consider illegal immigration like serious a federal crime, and he is boasted to have developed a computer science system prevents that it.

Mitt Romney: the main subject that the ex- governor of Massachussets approaches is the 12 million illegal immigrants, who in their majority are Mexican. Its greater fight with Giuliani is based on whom controlled better the taxes when it was called on to them to govern his respective districts. Fred Thompson: he is the candidate who the conservatives would choose and the one that near the ideology of Bush is more. Criticism tibiamente the war of Iraq, because if it does not do it does not have chances to win in the primary ones. It has very traditional positions, although in several occasions it was pronounced of ambiguous way to the legalization of the abortion, which cleared great part to him of its voters. In order to know who are both going to be candidates end is going to have to hope until the development of the primary elections that begin in New Hampshire in December of this year and finalize in Mountain in June of the next year. Original author and source of the article.

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