Republic of Euskadi

At noon on 19 March, national tanks converged on the center of Bilbao and found it empty. The Republic of Euskadi had fallen. The capture of the city was perhaps the biggest blow the Republicans were in the north. Without the strength to continue the conquest of other cities was easier. On August 16 took Reinosa, August 23, Santander, October 15, Asturias, on 21 October fell Gijon and Oviedo. This latest victory marked the end of fighting in the north.

The alleged "belt" of Republican north had failed. And the weight of victory had swung irrevocably to the national side. Owner and North and almost throughout the south, the military high command of the nationalists saw the need to provide a new legitimacy to his conquests. Since the coup were a force could not attempting to use the symbols of the republic which were at odds, so it had to start from scratch. The foundation of the Francoist state was not easy, but to be honest the only living original of the coup leaders, even despite the opposition of some generals, was the one who had the upper hand. So he immediately imposed.

Isolated all you could do shadow and supported more than ever the Church, its main ally, to impose again its role in education and civic values. Plans for a new country, Franco also included the creation of a flag, which was established on 15 August in a ceremony held in Seville. Then, the boost gained by the support of Hitler and Mussolini left no more doubts about who should become the new "leader." Put all the hopes of the nationalist people He, Franco knew perfectly the need to satisfy all unsatisfied and skeptical.

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