Regional President Project

The country does not want to see drunk, hedonist, officials with an air of Marquis, the Peru searches for the people that work for the people and one of them is also Ivan Vasquez Valera. The Regional President of Loreto, with the small budget that counts and thousand problems of the region, has been able to carry out a work for the good of his people loretano has given to Loreto a movement truly, is not of a political party Lima, force Loretana is a political movement Amazon of Loreto, which must continue to grow and later try to join other Amazonian movementsto present candidates for the Congress of the Republic. Thinking of Loreto, its development and progress it promotes the construction of the Iquitos – Yurimaguas train. Let’s see: The President of the Region, Ivan Vasquez Valera stressed the importance of the construction of the railway Iquitos/Yurimaguas, since this will definitely reduce the cost of living of the Loreto, being connected commercially with the rest of the country. In this way, the highest Regional Authority responded the questions of those who point out that the proposal is not viable and that they argue that there is an another railroad by Saramiriza construction project, but that does not say that the cost of the work would increase to twice the value of the path that is planned, which is based on a law of national interest by that route. Ivan Vasquez asserted that the elaboration of the project profile is a concrete and actual fact something that definitely can be, regardless of the position of those who only questioned what at the time, having the mechanisms available at hand, not materialized. Now, with the support of several congressmen who do not see political colors but the need of an entire people that cries out for connecting with other regions of the country and out of national isolation, achieved the Executive spent the first 15 million soles for the preparation of the profile, throwing to walk this project that is going to bring many benefits to the loretanos, including the reduction in the cost of living in a 30% approximately, concluded Loreto suffers from infrastructure that allows you to count with sufficient electrical energy, that ends with that polluting plant of Electrooriente petroleum-based.

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