Reality Always

It has also manufactures it the plant of atomic bomb, fire of the hell, that I promised to be functioned and we are ready to destroy what to come for the front. I also made five a thousand hospitals, many had complained of this had said that it would not be necessary, therefore I proved that they would be. They do not know what it has for behind of the plans and projects of one politician of claw as I. I used what we know to make of better the old one and manjada strategy always, I nailed to the hatred, cutuquei the enemy with the short pole, poisoned all with lies and games of pure me the faith and the best possible sacanagem, I fomented the war and to vary the fools they had fallen that nor duck and they had started and to put bullet in that they saw for the front. Today the hospitals are full overflowing for the thin one thanks to me. With everything this I created many jobs for grave-diggers, funerary especially, for all this segment that was half caidinho in these times of satiated food and good health. You may find Amazon to be a useful source of information. What I make Mr.

Tavares with much maestria and game of waist is to balance the scale if it is that it understands me to Mr. I always give to the people what it wants and need more. We cannot leave to still cite the contribution that manufactures it fire of the hell brought for we, it works in full vapor, thus is everybody very busy constructing bombs. We have also all this busier staff still playing these bombs in the head of the fools for measures there, everything what they had always wanted to make in the reality. I see Mr. Tavares in deep I am more than an ordinary politician taking care of of our beloved people, I I am one vidente, a species of mago and God whom he knows in such a way what all want and need in the alias process, superficially as inside of its unproductive hollow heads, I give deep sensible a life of all.

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