Ramzan Kadyrov

I am convinced that sooner or later it will. But the effect of This, I assure you, will benefit the entire Russian people, as the team Ramzan Kadyrov always act in the interests of the people. By the way, the Chechens in their time, some members of the Russian power elite of Otterlo privatization, creating a conflict between Yeltsin and Dudayev. Therefore, political opponents of Ramzan Kadyrov in the power structures of Russia openly feared that the ambitions of his team will focus on recovery justice and fair redistribution assigned in an era of privatization. This also explains why the Chechen president has to expend great efforts in overcoming various strong enough obstacles and impediments on the part of his federal opponents.

And here just to help him solve the problem of opening the international airport in Grozny. By the way, it can be solved. After all, we could solve it at the time of Dudayev and, in worse conditions then than now. As for the current success of Ramzan Akhmatovich, they are based on a completely understandable approach. He managed to unite the Chechens into a single and totally controlled the body, capable of edification, and not to destruction, who knows how to set goals and reach them through properly formulated and implemented a clear problem. Ramzan-Hadji, I would say, has the special 'Know How' from God that helps him to have faith in He Chechen people, as well as in the service of the state and realize the potential of this nation.

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