Public Agencies

Being the important Ouvidoria canal of contact between the public agencies and the users – either it citizen, professionals of health or regulated sector – the demands for it received – by means of denunciations, asked for of information, claim, suggestion and compliments – constitutes valuable insumo for managemental evaluations concerning the performance of the internal areas and the proper National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring (Anvisa). The question that if makes is if the Anvisa if uses of its Ouvidoria as tool of management for improvement of its processes of work. To answer to this question, the study if she considers to identify that type of information is received by the Ouvidoria, which is the areas that receive the biggest number from information order, if these information are repassed the managers, if they have the perception of that these information are insumos for the evaluation of its processes of work and if they already had effectively carried through changes pautadas in these information. Aiming at to reach this objective, it was proceeded revision from literature on the subject and had been carried through interviews half-structuralized with the involved areas and the listener. As result identified tack lack to it enters the activities played for the legally established Ouvidoria and abilities, observing a visible magnifying of executive actions, that intervene with the capacity of desired avaliativa neutrality.

For having if become the main information channel – of the most varied, since educative information until the procedural ones – the Ouvidoria has a sufficiently privileged perception of the general functioning of the Anvisa. However, the use of these information as management subsidy comes taking bigger force in the last year. Still thus, the suggestions of action for correction of possible imperfections occur in specific situations, having do not enter the areas a culture of critical analysis of the demands that arrive to them of users by means of the Ouvidoria. The field research had demonstrated that the Ouvidoria had, since its creation in 1999, a very informative bias, being much more a canal of attendance of what effectively a space of treatment of the demands of the user-citizens. From the carried through constataes some recommendations are presented so that the strategical potential of the information harvested for the Ouvidoria is spread out.

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