Psychiatric Hospitals

However, one more time the basic estimated one for the psychiatric treatment is broken: the bond of the doctor with the patient. Something that can seem banal: interned patient patient is interned. Connecticut Senator understands that this is vital information. Of the one not to know itself of beforehand how many days will be necessary for its recovery: two days, one month, two months Then, the patient to pass about one week interned in the CAPS-III, without having a reference doctor, and, in cases that if it perceives that the internment will have that to be drawn out, this patient directs itself or for a psychiatric hospital or a common hospital with psychiatric stream beds. More info: Paulo Coelho. So that as much confusion? This is beneficial for the patient? repeating: is possible the doctor to make infirmary, urgency and clinic at the same time? Or everything does not pass of a great pushing and shoving, a enrolao, with the patient suffering the consequncias? Some proposals I go to look for to sketch here some fast ideas that I leave in open for increments for politics of mental health. 1) Must have a sector of psychiatry in the ready socorros, with some stream beds of comment, separate of the clinical stream beds. Psychiatrists 24 focados hours of planto only in the atendimentos of the urgencies, with the endorsement of the medical clinic for the cases of comorbidades or clinical intercorrncias. This model exists in the city of Is Jose of the Black River, where also I had the experience to work, and functions well.

The patients would be triados for internment or ambulatorial attendance. 2) More stream beds of psychiatry in general hospitals, for where the psychiatric patients with clinical comorbidades would be directed of preference. 3) To keep stream beds in Psychiatric Hospitals, where the psychiatric patients can be benefited of more space (as to imagine a patient in I occasion psychotic maniac or confined in a small room or runner of the common hospital), psychological attendance, occupational therapy and social service. 4) To increase the number of Ambulatory. Remembering that the clinic does not need to be a restricted service the doctor. It is possible to have in the clinic the work of psychology (individual and group), occupational therapy, workshops and social assistance. The patient would frequentaria each activity in the marked schedule, without passing the entire day in the service, preventing what he was described above on room of the patient and the use of the service for secondary profits. This model of clinic exists in the city of Serrana-SP. 5) the existence of the CAPS, with the functioning of the hospital day (the patient to pass the day in the service) restricted to the cases of well weak, as serious schizophrenia, dementia, more serious mental retardation, using patients of alcohol or drug that already had suffered serious cognitivos damages. 05/03/10 (August Andres Passari) Author of: ' ' Fragmentos of tempo' ' Publishing company: Paubrasil art Sort: Poetry/Brazilian Literature Pages: 112 Price: R$ 20,00 (R$ 14,60 in the site of the Publishing company) to order: – Bookstore Hail – Bookstore Culture – artepaubrasil Bookstore ( – and others

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