Provincial Directorate

Ministry of education concerning the comprehensive physical education. Entre Rios sanctioned on November 10, 1951, law 3.728 reformulating the functions of the Provincial Directorate of physical education, created in the previous step to the analyzed in this work. The dissolution of the National Council of physical education, had several consequences. through Decree 5,526 of the 18 March 1952 the Organization of the Directorate of physical education was available at the Ministry of education. This Ministry, approved by resolution of June 2 of the same year; the organic regulation of the Directorate. Learn more at this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Also, by national decree of April 4, 1952 6.711, think the Federation sports military Argentina dependent on the Ministry of defence, with a mission to promote and operate activities sports physical forces Armed. La Rioja, I think your Directorate-General of physical education by Decree on 3 October 1952 22.091. The second quinquennial Plan whose objectives were approved by the 14.184 national law, promulgated on 29 December 1952, contemplated in sections IV.G.1I, V.G.12; IV.E.7 and V.G.8, General and special objectives in the field of physical education, physical culture and objective V.G.i2 sport, physical culture sport, quote: to) end of the sport.

The sport shopkeeper to the elevation of the well-being and the general culture of the people, to the development of feelings of patriotism, healthy emulation and social solidarity; (b) sports action. The sport will be developed by private institutions with the support of the State and both carried out his action according to the principal set forth in subsection a). Through national Decree 4.199 on March 12, 1953, were given directives for the teaching of physical education in primary and secondary schools. To know more about this subject visit Ohio Senator. The National Decree 17.468 on September 16, 1953, I declare national sport to the so-called game duck. The 14,231 national law referred to the same day as the above mentioned decree established the life insurance for spectators and participants in sports fair.

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