Protecting Laguna San Rafael National Park

"Many ayseninos, who feel proud and aware of the importance of the natural environments of the Aysen Region, particularly its protected areas, want to know what government is doing not only to disseminate and promote the quality of the Lagoon National Park San Rafael, but primarily to protect its territorial integrity and ecosystem. " With these words, three members of the Regional Advisory Council of Protected Areas, Miriam Chible, Peter Hartmann and Patricio Segura, made public their views on the memorial that is being carried forward through the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) and others government under 50 years of the publication on July 28, 1959 in the Official Journal of the decree creating it can be considered one of the territories under the stewardship of the country's most important official. His words suggest that "we are concerned that the words are relieving the importance of the park, calling it a global reserve freshwater, but in practice, in administrative acts, the Government in the region, notably its political authorities, was negligent in protecting such invaluable heritage. Not so Conaf public officials and others, who do their job with accuracy, which is unfortunately happened to carry by decisions beyond their control. " They recalled in this regard the decision of the Regional Environmental Commission (COREMA) that the March 13 approved (with the votes against the seremis Mining, Public Works and National Assets) an environmental impact statement for a grant of a salmon fattening center in Estero Elephants, on the north side of Glacier and in the navigation track to the lagoon. .

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