Progressive Politics

For his part, what makes progressive politics (whether right or left)? Exactly the opposite: it tends to have an extension in time, space and language status through all speakers and all knowledge. This time, Babel: putting the limit would be as many languages as individuals. And we only study the “talk Marseille”, to quote the title of a book you should know, but do see a university thesis on the language of living of fishing Marselles, who lives near the Old Port and sixty years!

In fact, in the same way that Conservative policy is required to tolerate certain differences, progressive politics would never know to assert their claims at the point that everyone can have their language and their language can always be recognized. Having distinguished carefully and as clearly as possible what, in the language, relieves the one hand, specific cognitive processes, namely the dialectical contradiction of ownership and communication (language), I would now like to draw your attention on the phenomenon of interdependence, or sign and language, in other words in the interference of the company plan on the plan of the sign. In fact, what we call “language” is neither sign nor language, but the combination within the meaning of the term almost chemical, of the two. It’s a bit of “language” such as water, which results from the combination, as everyone knows, hydrogen and oxygen, simple bodies of which the catalyst produces another body, with new properties, and that is precisely the one with which you wash your hands, take off the thirst, etc.

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