For in such a way, the professor needs to have abilities, abilities and attitudes, ally to a definition of selected objectives strategically so that the promotion of the learning comes to help to blunt it in this term above cited. All the educational effectiveness depends on as the professor obtains to use its multiple intelligences, under the necessity of each group, and later of each pupil, in the intention also to identify its intelligences and to equalizar them for the focus of the lesson, bringing all the attention for itself, however being an professor-administrator, participant, apprentice, didata, assessor, member of team, etc. The professor has that to have all the shrewdness to have access the model certain of paper to incorporate, to be able ' ' to act in the urgency and to decide in incerteza' ' (PERRENOUD, Philippe, 2001), coherently with the moment of each situation, for oferecimento of one better feedback that it creates an intellectual stimulaton, in the pupil. Pablo Freire comments in Pedagogia of the Autonomy: ' ' the professor after-modern, has that to know that to teach he is not to transfer knowledge, but to create the possibilities for its proper production or its construo.' ' (FREIRE, Pablo, 2010, p.22). For even more analysis, hear from Amazon. 1.b – the necessity of the interpersonal relationship (professor? pupil) What it is the human being without the communication? Either verbal it or not? Without the interaction or the integration between itself, for finding that he will go to be neglected? We cannot be without grouping in them.

We are not a full water island in return and without communication. The relationship necessity professor-pupil, for almost everything becomes necessary for existing the ethnic and cultural differences. We are not detainers of enough wisdom for we perceive everything what it is to our redor. Therefore, when trying to understand the people who surround in them probably in them we will understand for many things in our lives.

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