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In this article I turn to show my concern for the direction being taken by my country of residence, Ecuador, and several countries in the region, since in recent years the local Government has shown wanting control over the media, something never before seen in this country. Now, my concern is due to several new taxes that are being imposed, as the asset declaration, very apart from the annual statement that every citizen must perform, also very separate to the inheritance tax. I will mention some words from Dr. Gerardo Villacreces Carbo, Attorney with extensive experience, and I can’t express my concern with an article he published: the first question that arose me to read the legal text of the binding nature of the asset declaration, in his opportunity was why and for what the need for this rule? If the intention is to know the income of persons for purposes of the income tax, it is not enough with the annual statement that was made, with the severe risks that under the current legislation in case of evasion? In addition to this, we know that the State has already from various sources of information, in order to ascertain the situation of the people, then for what compel them to declare their heritage well been? Or is that the intention is another, i.e. knowing how much a person has violated his personal and family privacy, with a view to the creation and/or determination of taxes, such as heritage or the already existing and high estate taxes? What to think of this, when we are seeing a deficit State budget impelled resources, imprisoned between bear the high cost of exit dollarization vs keep it regardless with what Fund budget? Perhaps the way that would be you to the Administration is the Faculty determinadora, using for this purpose the information which already has, but without the boldness of unconstitutionally invade the right to personal and family privacy, which is sacred, and that does not support the wrong criterion, in the sense that collective rights can run over the constitutional rights of the individual. I hope that the citizens will do a little awareness in its decisions in the future, because this depends on us, yet..

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