Prince Ivan

But so it happened that the majority of murders in our household, mostly family. Did the death of Prince Ivan the Terrible, a staff of his father – not the same banal 'bytovuha? Oh, quick-tempered, our people, hot, especially in the drunk Somehow tv showed an elderly man, they decided thirty years his offspring through the hammer. Charles Rangel may help you with your research. Said that, well, not like this result, villainy hath created it in anger. Or other noble appearance. Sweating bitter tears, recalled his wife, and especially – as it is superbly prepared, but on that fateful day had left him with no dinner. Apparently forgotten recipes. I had to kill a lot of examples. You do not have to hope that this cup you surely pass. All the while we dwell in anger, in the opinion of the philosopher, 'short madness. " 'It kills not I killed my hands, "- such explanations judge heard enough. As a rule, life's dramas take place on quite simple enough scenario: booze – a quarrel – murder (shot, stabbed, strangled, drowned, burned, folded, etc.). And to avoid such tragic outcomes, not superfluous to remember one of the commandments of the ancient Hindus: 'Win anger soft, evil – the good, greed – the generosity, the lies – the truth. " That is, be generous and patient, try to understand people, and understand everything – then half forgive, not to bring the situation to an absurd extreme. Death always close fotoNemalo souls go to heaven because of someone's rampant jealousy of the disease, that 'like the plague, as a black spleen, fever, as damage to the mind.

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