Prince Andrew Kurbsky

The story and the story mid-16th century – the hardest time for most of the world's population. The world consumed zemlezahvatnicheskimi wars. Especially difficult in ancient Russia. Country exhausted by constant wars, poverty and hunger. Livonia war waged Rus with the Baltic states in the Baltic Sea since 1564 began to bring the Russian government only bad news.

At this time in the life of Tsar Ivan the Terrible is some watershed event, under the blows which the board president is unbearable. Betraying his country one of the best Russian generals of the time Prince Andrew Kurbsky by clicking on the side Polish-Lithuanian state. Turn their backs to the king of many eminent nobles who refused to help his country in war. Few contemporaries knew that the Tsar Ivan the Terrible, but their massacres against the enemy, differed also considerable level of education and made a great contribution to the history of Russia. Ivan the Terrible, as no one else had to deal with the huge number of foreign enemies, he made his army one of the strongest in Europe at the time, equipping it, and learn. A library of Ivan the Terrible still historians consider the most important cultural heritage that was lost. Free announcements filmvo nKinoafisha all premiere in 2010 in this troubled time king Ivan the Terrible introduces oprichnina. Now the emperor becomes a real tyrant, death and killing thousands of innocent people and apostates. His servants – the guardsmen, is burnt hundreds of villages, becoming a kind of people for riders apocalypse.

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