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If you are a candidate or candidate for elective office, does not generate dirty campaigns, but learn to defend them … By: Oscar Rossignoli Director of If you are a candidate or candidate for elective office, does not generate dirty campaigns, but learn to defend them … The intensity of election campaigns is growing as time goes on and on voting day. When public opinion polls are clear indicators of the voting intentions of voters, many political movements launched a last desperate swipe at his opponent: A smear campaign. Here it is necessary crisis management. What I call a dirty campaign? For example, in my country I have seen situations like publishing in mass media bad grades that a candidate for president was when he made his university studies to imply academic incompetence. In other cases, has questioned the nationality of more than one candidate who had emerged as clear winner, looking to impact the national sense of the voters. Sen. Sherrod Brown addresses the importance of the matter here.

Accusations of corruption when one of the contestants were public officials at some point in their lives, is another common attacks seeking to discredit someone who projects a tremendous leadership and charisma with voters. We also note the emergence of malicious rumors about patterns or events in the private lives of the contestants, all with the goal of destroying the image of more than a good rival. Children outside marriage, sexual deviations, claims in the courts by non-payment of debts, etc., Are the most common reasons. The communications team of a political campaign should give a smear campaign the treatment of a communication crisis that could, if not managed properly, “destroy the image of a promising candidate. A crisis management strategy with all the usual tactical guidelines is recommended for such situations.

A political campaign must be considered among his boxes work an anti-crisis to be prepared. Candidates for elected office before embarking on an election campaign should put your resume in order and it should never lie because the lies are discovered and become material for a dirty campaign that will require a management crisis. The best thing for a candidate with great potential voter is confidential to write an autobiography, to be known for his campaign, especially the area of image and communications and is responsible for the crisis management of the campaign. S i in this autobiography was any incident or event with a potential to generate a crisis, the committee of the image and crisis management have much time in advance to prevent and neutralize it. The crisis management principles apply to neutralize a dirty campaign that could affect the public image of a candidate for elective office. Why not recommend the use of smear campaigns to win converts? Statistics and history tell us that dirty campaign rather well-managed reverse against whom the generations. To receive fortnightly articles and resources in your email about crisis management, subscribe for free from this link, or copy and paste it into your browser, subscribe to and start getting our newsletter today.

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