Moreover heard that it is not All airlines allow cats in the cabin to take, so I decided on the bus . And I was very afraid Ukrainian customs, as vet advised to take the Ukraine Help in the cat club, that the cat is not a value, as a representative of the breed, for Ukraine. Neither Poland nor Ukraine did not tested. My husband and I found out the two airports: Frankfurt and Munich. Both the veterinarian said that the test for antibodies to rabies is a must. matilda Prompt, what drug kolyat animal to sleep, or at least was reluctant and not screaming the whole way. We are all the same day to go.

Just called in veterinary hospitals, and was told that a drug used for operations. Accordingly, the time of half an hour. And I need something for 24 hours. In the bus, too, because people go who want to silence. Elena_ Nothing stabbing is not necessary.

And vezite not in my hands and not in the bag, as in a normal plastic carry. Just before the road do not feed the cat in beginning of the path is not ukachalo. Try to take a seat in the middle of the bus interior, closer to the beginning – there is less swayed. Initially, the cat will worry resent and advocate 'freedom of parrots', but 20 minutes later the road calm down and be a big part of the road bed, perking up only at bus stops.

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