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As Cury (2001) to improve the Brazilian education is necessary that it has an effort of all the society to construct to the education quality that is a basic right of each citizen, proclaimed in our Constitution as the first one of the social rights. In accordance with Gentili (2002, p176) in the educational field ' ' a new speech of the quality must be inserted in the radical democratization of the right to educao' '. To admit that in a fully democratic society, it does not fit to exist contradiction enters the access to the school and the offered type of education in this school. Still in Gentili (2002, p.176) it affirms that: As well as it does not have democratization without equality in the access, neither it will have without equality in the quality received for all the citizens and without definitive abolition of any type of differentiation or social segmentation. For the author (2002), this does not mean to lower the level of all, in contrast, means to raise the quality of the education not simply and transforming it into a right and into a vendida merchandise what to give the best one offers. Therefore it is in the space of the public school that this right is exercised and not in the market.

The quality alone will be possible if not to exist the social dualizao. Quality does not exist when it is discriminated, when the maiorias are submitted to the misery and condemned to the marginality, when the right to the citizenship is refused more than the two teros of the population. For Gentili (2002, P. 177) ' ' quality for few is not quality, is privilgio' '. Our great challenge is in constructing a society for all, eliminating the excluded ones so that all can enjoy of the right to an extremely democratic education.


Which the ambient impacts suffered by this ecosystem in the beach from Good Trip (coastal pernambucano south) in recent years and its future perspectives?Recife of chorale, under the geomorflogico point of view, is a rocky, rigid, resistant structure the action of the waves and chains sea, and constituted of carrying marine organisms skeleton calcareous rock. However the reefs of chorales seriously are threatened. They is esteem that 27% of reefs of chorales in the coast of Pernambuco already had been degraded of irreversible form. In the rhythm current forecasts indicate a similar loss will occur in next the 30 years. The threat to sea biodiversity, occurs mainly when this ecosystem this being pointed as the first and bigger ecosystem to suffer significant impacts, provoked mainly for climatic changes. The phenomenon of branqueamento of the chorales deserves unquestionable attention, has as .causing the global heating, provoked for an increase of the temperature of the water, (above 280 C) increase of the photosyntheses and toxin release, causing the death and consequentemente a disequilibrium in this ecosystem.

Perhaps the progress proposal brought necessarily for Pernambuco in the South coast, the Port of Suape, Added to this engenhoca of the man came one of the biggest ambient crimes already seen in our state. With great ratios, it had visibly ambient disequilibrium with the destruction and I fill with earth of manguezais and dinamitao of a reef population of chorales. But if it was not still enough has other threats as: the disordered tourism, this then has been reason of concern to the ambient agencies. The impacts provoked for human uses it fishes as it predatory, the pollution, the indiscriminate diving, also speed up the degradation of this ecosystem. The reefs of chorales are to the base of the survival, species, also pelgicos, that ' ' they do not live in corais' ' , but they use its outskirts for reproduction.


Through its method of comment, he established the existence of an interaction enters the most diverse constituent elements of the Land, being that he occurs a relation of cause and consequence between them, the beginning of the causalidade, as he comments Of Martonne (1953, P. 13): … nobody showed in way more necessary as the man depends on the ground, the climate, of the vegetation, as the vegetation is function of the physical phenomena, as these same depend ones on the others. LOCALIZATION. GENERAL CHARACTERIZATION OF the AREA Photo: Gonalves, Thamyres Sabrina. A LITTLE OF the HUSTRIA OF MINICPIO CHAPADA GAUCHO the city of Chapada Gaucho, old Village of the Gauchos, had its beginning of povoamento in the year of 1976, when the first deriving inhabitants of the Rio Grande Do Sul had arrived, for project PADSA, (Project of Directed Nesting the Mountain range of You plough), that it integrated the cities of Formoso, Arinos, Januria and San Francisco.

In the year of 1994, it had a plebiscite in the town of Village of the Gauchos to choose the name of the new District, the voted names more had been: New Horizon, Chapada Gaucho and Mountain range Gaucho, as already Horizon had another District with the New denomination, automatically took advantage as the voted name more, (Chapada Gaucho). In this exactly year, the City council of San Francisco approved the Law n 1523 of 19 of December of 1994 creating the new District of Chapada Gaucho, having its desmembrado territory of the remaining District of Mountain range of Araras. In 28 of January of 1995, the District of Chapada was installed Gaucho, in the old Village of the Gauchos; in this exactly year, started the process of emancipation of the city. An unknown fact in the State of Minas Gerais occurred, therefore, the Chapada Gaucho was the only town that the same turned District and City in year, created for Law 12,030 of 21 of December of 1995, where it had the junction of the Districts of Chapada Gaucho and Mountain range of Araras, thus creating the new city of the Great Hinterland Trails, (CHAPADA GAUCHO), having the Mountain range of Araras as District.

Optimum Agreement

Thus for optimum agreement of the form the induction must be preceded by the experience, beyond the necessity to multiply and to diversify the same ones. The inquiry of the forms thus proceeds: on a given nature a citation must in first place be made exactly before the intellect of all the known instances that agree to one same nature, that meets in similar substances. this collection must historically be made, without premature speculations or too much requinte. (NOVUM ORGANUM, book II, aphorism XI). For this agreement it is basic to practise the true induction, a really probable, susceptvel induction of test that, a understood time the cause, ceases the effect. Thus all coherent experimental research, delimited well must be supported in three boards of inquiry, beyond the resources auxiliary of the agreement of the form. The three boards constitute the central nucleus of the baconiana induction, the method of inquiry of the nature that allowed a correct one knowledge of the phenomena leaving of the concrete facts, such as if give in the experience ascending to the general forms, that constitute its laws and causes, are delimited in the comment of the three boards.

The first board calls it of Presence, it deals with the collect and it collects of great number of facts. The researcher must write down its comments, to organize an exploration of the given nature, and to place questions to this nature, through the accomplishment of experiences, Bacon guides eight ways of comment, that are: Union, variation, prolongation, transference, inversion, compulsion, change of conditions and the repetition. The first step of the inductive method is to collect and to collect the most varied facts.

Positive Constitutional

With this work one searched to analyze the Public Defensoria in its complete formation, of its legitimacy and jurisprudence when becoming related with the Constitution, that is, first analyzed the Constitution of 1988 so that it was understood the real significance and importance of the Public Defensoria in what it is said as efetivador agency of the proper constitution, that is, to the function of the Defensoria of guarantee of the rights and the beginning of the equality between the classrooms. Therefore it is of total ability of the Public Defensoria to guarantee the access to the justice to that they want to defend its rights and that they do not possess necessary income so that its interests are represented, appealing, therefore to the counsels for indigents, who must give its services without hesitation, this mainly related the all type of descriminao. At last, we search to analyze mainly the public Defensoria of the State of the Maranho, located in its So Lus capital, being externando all the characteristics of this agency, as much in its effectiveness as in the availability ahead of the society, beyond its proper infrastructure, thus to argue if its responsibility as warranting of the principles of the equality, the contradictory and legal defense really they are assured as foreseen in the constitution, knowing itself that this established the proper Public Defensoria.


We are to a year and three months to celebrate the bicentennial of our independence. The Mexican can say Mexico is a free and independent country, but it will be this truth? The independence of Mexico began when Miguel Noble rang the bell of Dolores and all this occurred because all the Mexicans were not in agreement with the form of the government, was equality of no opportunities, the power only had the Spaniards among others causes more. Everything finalized when Iturbide arrived at the power like monarch. Later the Mexican revolution came where the farmers rose in arms demanding the earth that had taken off them the landowners, that is to say, they snatched the Earth to them where they worked to be able to sustain to his families. It was as much the fight by the power that in that period, from 1910 to 1920 were seven presidents. Of Mexico succession could not there stabilize its problem of changed of very fast president due to coup d’etats and fights by the power neglecting the well-being of the Mexican town until it arrived Lazaro Cardinal red, person who truly thought about the town, not in the power, and the proof of this is that we continued living on its plans, I create the IMSS, Banrural I enter other benefits to help the worker. Today less than a year and a half of the independence and centenary of the Mexican revolution I ask myself he was really realised what he was wanted. First with 70 years of dictatorship of the PRI, later they made think us that the PRI was the problem, arrived Vicente Fox at the presidency step its presidential term and how it was Mexico. We followed equal with the same problems of always with 20 million of Mexican in extreme poverty, with the corruption that has made us as much damage.

Institutional Relations

Carmen Balfagon was born in Madrid in 1954. Lawyer in Right, Carmen Balfagon has passed through the ministries of Education and Public Science, Administrations and Economy and Property. Also she worked as parliamentary adviser and of Institutional Relations of the minister of Promotion between years 1998 and 2000. In May of that year, nevertheless, Carmen Balfagon was named adviser of Relations with the National and advisory Parliament of Institutional Relations of the minister of Health. Later, in September of 2002, it would happen to hold the position of adviser of the Secretary of State of Security in the Department of the Interior until January of the 2003 when, as a result of the accident of the ship ' Prestige' , it was gotten up as adviser of the Commissioner of the Government for the Activities derived from the catastrophe of ' Prestige' , following the Ministry of the Presidency. In November of 2003 Carmen Balfagon Head of the Cabinet of the Vice-president Second and Advisory of Justice and Interior of the Community of Madrid was already appointed, since she carried out until 17 of December of 2004. It was then when position became of the Agency of Menor Infractor (ARRMI) who lets in 2011 to comprise of the government of Maria Dolores de Cospedal, like Secretary General of Social Subjects of the Community of Castille-La Mancha.

Intersecretarias Commission

The Real Implantation At the beginning of the year of 2004 organized the Work group, with objective to argue with the pertaining to school community, the elaboration of the proposal of implantation of Integrated Average Ensino in the State of the Mato Grosso. During the elaboration of the project he was determined offers of the Courses in the cities of High Forest, Sinop, Bar of the Garas and Rondonpolis. Being that the lessons would have to happen in the State Schools of the SEDUC, located next to the CEPROTEC. In 2005, continuation accomplishes of the Work group of Integrated Average Education, and consolidated it creation of the Intersecretarias Commission for Integrated Average Ensino. After many quarrels were defined the attributions of the involved agencies, in the project of Average Ensino Integrated. In 2006 the Meeting of Mobilization in each pertaining to school community was carried through and was still become fullfilled, the qualification of the members of the Intersecretarias Commission for the MEC, with the subjects: Average education Integrated to the Professional Education, Curricular Proposal Pedagogical, Lines of direction and Evaluation for ability. In February of 2007 it had the retaken one of the Work group of Integrated Average Ensino.

The qualification of the team was carried through technique and involved professors in the requested project and the credenciamento and authorization for offer of the courses next to the State Advice of Education. In April each group gave itself to beginning to the lessons with 05 (five) groups with 35 pupils. Being in a group in High Forest a group in the Course Technician in Computer science in the State School Furlani Victory of the Riva School and a group in the Course Technician in Administration in Small Country properties in the School Green Gold. In Sinop a group of Technician in Computer science in the State School Edeli Mantovani, Rondonpolis a group in the Course Technician in Computer science in the State School Pindorama and Bar of the Garas a group in the Course Technician in Computer science, the State School Heronides Arajo.

European Commission

Perhaps the most excellent data of the survey is that a 75% of the people interviewed demand the existence of tools that allow them to be able to erase their data of Internet they wish as soon as it. This idea is not new, and it is that we return to which has been called right to the forgetfulness, I finish that every time this acquiring more force between the exigencies of internauts and one of the factors that the European Commission this studying to include in future revisions of the referring communitarian norms the protection of data. In this sense Viviane Reding, Vice-president and Commissariats of Justice of the EU it has declared that most of the citizens are customary to facilitate personal data to buy in line or to use the social networks. But, at the same time, the use worries to them that can become of that information and sometimes they feel that the control escapes to them on that situation. For that reason, when updating the norms in the matter of protection of data, desire to clarify of explicit form that the citizens will have the right and not only the possibility of retiring the consent so that their data are processed. These declarations have a solid base and is that the data of the study are clear, a 90% of the survey ones wish that the norms on protection of data are equal in everything Europe.

Civil Code

The guard meets disciplined by the one for articles 1,583 the 1,590 of the Civil Code. The study of the current law in he provides one better understanding to them on the institute of the guard under the point of view of if treating, simultaneously, of a right and duty that the parents exert on the lesser children. In this direction, he detaches Manoela Maria: The guard is the right to command the life of the children, watching them and determining it to them moral formation, always in search of its better interest, with the power to remove them of who withholds illegally them. It is at the same time, one to have a public duty to watch, to guide and to take care of, the one that are the guardies, or guard obliged to fulfill. Thus, we can consign that the guard constitutes a must-power of the parents destined to the protection, education the preparation to the development of the minor. However we cannot olvidar that the culture to the affection feeling is essential to the formation of the minor. According to Enunciated n 101 of the Advice of Federal, resultant Justice of the I Day of Civil law, it is understood for guard: CJF – Enunciated 101 – Art. 1.583: without damage of the duties that compose the sphere of the familiar power, the expression? custody of children? , to the light of art.

1.583, can understand the unilateral guard in such a way how much the shared one, in attendance the beginning of optimum interest of the child. It competes to the genitors, the text of the made use one for art. 1.634 of the Civil Code: the direction of the education and the creation, to have them without its guard and company, to grant or to deny to them assent to them to marry, to nominate tutorial for will or document officially recorded to them, if the other of the parents not to survive to it, survives or it will not be able to exert the familiar power, to represent them, until the sixteen years, in the acts of the life civil, assistiz them, after this age, in the acts where they will be parts, supplying to them the assent, to complain them of who withholds illegally them and to demand that they give obedience, respect and proper services of its age and condition to them.

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