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The Death Of The Count Of Paris

On July 14, were held last hundred ten years the storming of the Bastille, an event par excellence with which it identifies the French Revolution and the great changes she introduced, such as the definitive implementation of the system of capitalist production and abolition of absolute monarchy. On the other hand, in one of those coincidences of life, on June 20 before, in his own house of Dreux (Normandy) and ninety years of age had died the only pretender to the French throne, Prince Henri d’Orleans, Count of Paris. With him also disappeared, at least temporarily, any desire to revive the monarchy in that country, as his eldest son, the Count of Clermont, who married Marie-Therese of Wurttemberg, after having served his military service in the French army was joined the wonderful world of business and do not want to know anything about politics. The Count of Paris, was born in the Aisne Gallo, 5 July 1908. His father, the Duke of Guise, married Isabelle d’Orleans-Bragance or Isabelle de France, had become head of the House of France and pretender to the crown after the death of his cousin, also Duke of Orleans, in 1926, who left no male heir . Henri d’Orleans had to leave the country since then, in fulfillment of the famous Exile Law of 1886 which provided the death penalty for “heads of families that had reigned in France and all its direct descendants.” He only returned to his homeland in 1950 when the National Assembly decided to repeal this rule.

Ramon Gallegos

As human beings and can not find the solution to your problem in the churches looking for a spirituality freer, more direct to the sacred. This seems very real, as it is known that the church has played an important role in society, even power, but now we see gaining ground in the media say about politics even participating in events related to drug trafficking, leading to tragedies that to date have not been resolved. This makes us think that the church has totally abandoned the spiritual dimension. CULTURE OF PEACE: “Mankind must come out of violence only through nonviolence. Hatred can be overcome only by love”-Gandhi “I mean the text Wisdom, love and compassion holistic education and perennial philosophy Gallegos II Nava, where he maintains a dialogue with Edward T. Clark, about the human and social transformation in which we, as Gallegos believes we are witnessing an epochal change, and moving towards a new cultural structure.

People are calling for a paradigm shift in science, a new education, sustainable development for the planet and human transformation. Here I agree with Ramon Gallegos, since we are in a process of change, although as he says Ramon Gallegos, orthodox scientists are accustomed to traditional Cartesian paradigm, but believes think that education is the basis of all this. Ramon Gallegos referred to us students of the Master, we seek the meaning of transcendence and integrity, as you mention it, tired of the arid academia, looking for something more inclusive. He is right to mention that we need a more comprehensive knowledge, a vision that relates to the mind and heart, considering the spiritual experience.


In December 1970 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created by an act of congress under the administration of President Richard M. Nixon. The mandate of OSHA was, and is, to prevent work-related injuries, sickness, or fatalities by creating and enforcing standards for workplace health and safety. This agency is run within the Department of Labor and headed by one of the Deputy Assistants to the Secretary of Labor.

Simultaneous with the creating of OSHA, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) was also created. The mission of NIOSH is to be the research arm of OSHA which focuses on occupational safety and health, but is not a part of the Department of Labor.

The regulations enacted by OSHA cover the majority of private sector workplaces.

Under the administration of Jimmy Carter a toxicologist from the University of Cincinnati, Eula Bingham, led OSHA to concentrate more on work place health hazards such as toxic chemicals. Before this OSHA’s main focus was on equipment safety, including training, communication and documentation.

Under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush there were efforts to weaken the ability of OSHA to enforce and enact rules regulating workplace safety.

President Clinton began to refocus the approach of OSHA, emphasizing more on “stakeholder” satisfaction through compliance assistance. Under the Clinton administration OSHA inspections significantly went down in number.

In 1994 the republican party took over control of the congress and began to make efforts to improve the scientific validity of the standards which OSHA had been issuing rules. Several of the bills sponsored by Republican congressman were stopped by the Democratic minority and more moderate republicans. Other legislation did pass, however, including the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996 and the Congressional Review Act.

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