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Regional Council Information

Next to Runin Adviser Eduardo Vera disqualified it. At this moment the company is shaping and solving the observations, so the new project is not worked. From my personal point of view the moment of discussion of the Core of this project – is in the Corema and not by the Regional Council. For all the directors who want to see the information there is the page of Conama, Icsara, reports of the services can be ordered and there you have all the background information. Not necessarily have to have a presentation of a company was the explanation of Alfredo Runin. On the occasion is referred, moreover, to article 7 of the Constitution which States that any authority or person was attributable, nor even to pretext of extraordinary circumstances, another authority or rights that who expressly will have conferred them under the Constitution or the laws, this given that the core would not know studies admitted to Conama in a space other than the environmental impact evaluation system. Member and regional councillor for the Corema, Pilar caves, defended the legality of the exhibit pointing out it is not first time that the Regional Council full listening to different companies.

HidroAysen is today, tomorrow may be Xstrata, we listened to the posture of Patagonia without dams. I think that the Core cannot be closed. He pointed out that it seems a little arbitrary posture, because when we listen to fishermen after taking the bridge, which could have been declared illegal, there was no Counsellor that reaching up the voice and told not hear them. In relation to the difference with these exhibitions where there was no an evaluation study pointed out that this Council has to be comprehensive, must be Open, and this does not imply any position. The law only says that we can not express opinion regarding whether we are for or against a project that I enter to Corema. But no limits us to inform us and I think it’s duty to inform, and which today has been heard here it is not more than what has been heard in the Corema also, the company has also gone to the Corema to raise your project, then there is nothing new or anything additional, noting that it is completely valid to Regional Council report on the major issues of the region. Finally, Pilar caves expressed confidence that critical organizations to these initiatives also prompted a space to present their own vision and background information on the projects of dams and laying of high-tension in Aysen.


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Five Golds

One of the less auspicious cards in circulation of the free tarot perhaps five golds. If there is just a concept that reflects the meaning of this mystery that would be of financial loss, humiliation, with damage to self-esteem. Like a dog that bites the tail, or a long way where the beginning and the end are at the same point, this arcane tells us that the material losses are often an outside reflection of a loss inside, something that we ourselves have lost as people. Poverty itself is not the real misery that reflects this letter. There is a spiritual loss that often precedes or accompanies the loss of material wealth.

The real conflict recycle that frequently, the material problems must be resolved prior to the spiritual problems, since their urgency is much greater. A person can spend several years looking for his true path, but if you don’t have where to sleep or eat, or is walking disoriented by snow, as shown in this deck, what is at stake is the life itself. This letter teaches us many faces of misfortune and lack of material means: not only speaks of the loss of funds and total poverty, sinotambien of the sickness, unemployment and loneliness. As compensation, however, tells us that emotions are often the cause of these situations. Greed is often, which leads to the loss of all our material goods.

The desire to have more than what we really need can lead us to make wrong decisions, risking everything, because we have lost sight of this fundamental notion that tells us that in reality happiness can be found with little: a plate of food, a helping hand, a warm bed where to stay. This letter revealed in the free tarot reveals a series of highly spiritual meanings. It personifies the dark soul night, when the person walks stumbling in the dark, because you can no longer see the light that shines within. But, as all the cards of the tarot, it also has a positive message, and is the remind us that salvation is not away, despite the fact that at that time cannot be seen it. When this letter is exposed, it announces that surely some kind of material loss is soon to happen. Consequently we have to concentrate on caring for our soul, much more valuable and sacred.


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Pure Gold

Gold has always been useful since its dawn in history. Because the yellow metal industry developed and new methods of craftsmanship of platinum are discovered and used, you can now find the goldsmiths who produced with very low quality gold jewelry but the presentation of it as solid gold chains. Pure gold chains are made of pure gold, measured at 24 k. Occasionally, goods of gold with 22 k, 18 k, 14 k & 10 k are also marked with label like solid gold. Individuals who do not know this important element, so they fall prey to such claims would be simple. Some individuals even resort to buy pieces of string hollow jewelry because they are much cheaper than solid gold.

You will also find the gold chains whose base and Center is not pure gold but other metals such as silver. Sometimes, people still prefer to buy this kind of jewelry because she is much more profitable than their counterparts 24 k. However, if you are wise, you would know that it is a better investment to get the gold heavy hollow string classes simply because its value will never despise with time. Solid gold chains come in different designs and leave no way to style. They seem generally elegant and fashionable. These strings can be made of the box links, flat ropes or grains and them gold can be used with or with towards a hanging.

Brazilian Amazon

I’ve been reviewing library and among many others I have found these two books where the authors used El Dorado as synonym of paradise, as characterizer concept associated with the mystery, adventure and the wonderful wealth (not necessarily and only in terms of the legendary gold) that hides in the Venezuelan and Brazilian Amazon region. On the one hand, in his book the loss of the gilding V. S. Naipul, (which is a writer who I love, much more in this type of books than in his novels), rather than pointing a historico-romantica view of the matter. From the perspective of their own nature and origin: Trinitarian descendant of immigrants from the India, also committed in this, as it is evident in many of his books, in a search for the own identity, a way to exit their cultural isolation of a society and a history that fails to endorse, presents a historical relationship tinged with reflection on the inevitable and consistent connection between the island of Trinidad and the search for the hypothetical Kingdom of El Dorado that off the coast of his native land he was hiding in the thicket of the jungles of Venezuela and makes us a detailed statement of all changes, movements and also anecdotal and historical events that marked the existence and development of the island of Trinidad as a bridgehead, opposite the mouth of the Orinoco River, and its importance as a strategic starting point for any venture the search for the mythical and wonderful Kingdom of gold-oriented. Under the guidance of Naipul we learned of changes of hands suffered Trinidad from the Spanish conquerors and original settlers, to the English; of the failed attempts of Spaniards to recover it and the calamities of the colonists (of one and another side) during this unstable period; of the plight of villagers autochthonous of the island in the middle of this drama and the skirmish for control of territory and political and military power between the same settlers; relations that settled with the first pro-independence revolutionaries of Venezuela and (how not?) of the crazy and amazing adventure of Raleigh in his fanciful conviction of possessing the secret of the mythical Kingdom and his desperate need to find it because if not find him and dominated, if not he took possession of his immense wealth should go back to England to be executed.

Golden Horizon Travel

We cannot fail of share what you once said to John Muir mountains are the sources of man as well as the rivers, the glaciers. Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play as well as places to pray, where nature can offer comfort and lift the spirit and give strength to the body as well as the soul. While Ansel Adams said Yosemite is for me, always a Sunrise, a palette of green and gold colors that Marvel the vast Valley of stones and space, every experience is a form of exploration, adding not all persons they trust what they see in the paintings, but people rely on photographs. And why you don’t take a photograph, you make the picture. Explore with Golden Horizon Travel and immortalize the natural beauty of Glacier Point in his own photographs. We recommend our tour to the Yosemite and Glacier Point in our vans 4 4 SUV where take him to explore the Yosemite where buses and vans are not permitted to travel. Trekking or hiking walks they begin at Glacier Point, our private ride of 2 days is adapted to the tastes of our passengers and offers you the best routes of hiking in North America. In fact the more recognized Yosemite National Park hiking trails starts from Glacier Point to explore breathtaking walks considered slope beneath the mountain Panorama Trail route and majestic Yosemite falls as the Yosemite falls, Nevada falls the more high waterfalls in North America.

The route will take descending it towards the path of Mist toward the happiness Islands (Happy Isles) passing other fantastic waterfalls and towering Rocky summits as Half Dome along the trail, is approximately 6 hours of walking). Need you have more reasons to join this adventure? Glacier Point is open to the public from mid-spring to early fall. (depends on the weather conditions) Most of the conventional bus rides through the crowded crowded Yosemite Valley located at 4200 feet below of Glacier Point. Unlike other travel agencies, Golden Horizon Travel offers daily excursions in 4 4 SUV to visit Glacier Point where the views are spectacular and impressive to leave you breathless! Book your tour now and get 10% discount for a unique adventure in your life that you’ll never forget.

Explicit Grammar

This grammar if centers in the concept of ' ' diferente' ' in opposition to ' ' erro' ' determined for the normative grammar. Therefore the objective descriptive grammar to explain the functioning of the language. Internalizada grammar: based in the concepts of the Descriptive Grammar it considers that all falante it dominates the basic rules of ngua having them in the head for being inserted in a social group. Implicit grammar: it deals with the internalizada ability of the falante, it possesss unconsciously and it uses of automatic form when it needs if to communicate. Explicit grammar: the based linguistic studies are all in metalingstica, explicitam its constitution, structure and functioning. In such a way it can be understood as an explanation of the mechanism dominated for the falante and that it makes possible to it to use the language. Reflexiva grammar: they are the activities of comment and reflection on the language, search to detect, to raise its units, rules and principles, that is, the constitution and functioning of the language.

Grammar Constrastiva or Transferencial: it is the one that describes two languages at the same time, showing as the standards of one can be waited in the other. General grammar: it is the one that compares the biggest possible number of languages, with the end to recognize all the realizable linguistic facts and the conditions where they will be become fullfilled. Universal grammar: it is a grammar of comparative base that it looks to describe and to classify all the facts observed and carried through universally. Historical grammar: it studies a sequence of evolutivas phrases of a language. It deals with the origin and evolution of a language, following the phrases since its appearance until the current moment. Comparative grammar: it is that it studies a sequence of evolutivas phrases of some languages, normally searching to find points in common.

Douglas McGregor

These systems exist in all the organizations, each one with its contextual and particular form of being. All possess a high possibility of success, since that duly planned to adjust it the new and emergent conditions of work. In the primrdios of organizacional psychology the systems of behavior in the companies had as objective to recognize, and to manipulate in the possible measure do, the 0 variable of the actions human beings more significant than affected the longed for results. This initial target migrou for the study, understanding and ampler concern of the directions and manifestations of the human being in its daily work, such as: organizacionais changes, interpersonal administration of people, qualification and development, conditions and hygiene in the work, and relations. The new set of concerns of organizacional psychology and the work leads more positive results and can be observed through the individual performance of each collaborator, for the personal and professional satisfaction, and above all, for the personal and interpersonal development.

The personal development, by the way, is very important, a time that the acquired knowledge and abilities spontaneously are lead for the particular life, thus generating so desired empregabilidade continued. According to MAILHIOT (1976, P. 66), the productivity of a group and its efficiency narrowly are related not only with the ability of its members, but, over all with the solidarity of its interpersonal relations. However, each organization differs in the nature of the adopted systems and in the resulted consequences reached for them. These results, deriving of the different models of organizacional psychology, constitute a system of certainties that dominate the thought and that they affect direct and instantaneously the administrative cases. It is necessity that the managers know to recognize the nature, meaning the effectiveness of its proper managemental models. Douglas McGregor was one of first the scholars to call the attention for the managemental models.

Reading Text

Literature is a not pragmatic speech. It does not have no immediate practical purpose. Already for Barthes (1997, p.16), literature is the only alternative that the man has to escape of the power of the language that is closed without exterior. It is the magnificent hoax. She is in the text that the language must be fought and not in the message, of who it is only instrument.

2,2 Reading The reading is one of the forms of knowledge of the reality and is presented with a possibility of interaction of the man. It must be understood as dynamic activity that transforms the reader into co-author of the workmanship. In literature, reader and author have the same importance, therefore the text alone has literary value for the significao that is attributed to it by the reader with the practical one of the reading. Such exercise rare is perceived by the reader in the act of the reading (ISER, 1996). The reading is an activity specifically human being, conscientious and intentional who if constitutes in a complex and difficult task of if investigating and if to analyze. To this respect, Jean Foucambert it places that it is difficult to define what is reading for if dealing with an eminently polimorfa activity. For it, to read is to attribute meant, a time that this does not meet in the ready and finished text, in way that can be extracted.

It is the work of partnership between author and reader whom the attribution of meaning to any text makes possible. The author of the indices of what he can be interpreted, but fits to the reader to attribute sensible what he reads. The reading, as any communication, assumes that who chore with the message invests in it a sufficiently superior amount of information to that it extracts (not to confuse with that the author already placed, conscientiously or not).

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