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Dominican Republic

The causes of the wrecks in the routes are multiple and in their solutions the sectors are many that must take part, something that complica still more this social phenomenon. Perhaps one of the stumbling blocks more delicate than has east process of conversion of the insecurity to the road security, since premium in the agencies inspectors the eagerness of protagonism, the jealousy, and so that not to say it, also desire to handle resources. The human being, or in the modality of conductor, pedestrian or victimario passenger can be victim or to whom he is due to instruct to him suitably before arriving at this denomination until obtaining a modification of the conduct, that is to say, a change in the attitude and behavior based on the responsibility and the respect to the life and the good one to live, which has to do with the level of political and social commitment of the inhabitants of a nation, since those are the hacedores of public policies that have the obligation to take decisions and initiatives. According to the age and the degree of development of a society in particular, the factors of risks affect major or minor importance, defining themselves in any case sectors of more vulnerable users. In Dominican Republic, for example, the motorists and pedestrians in that order are the vulnerable ones, instead of the pedestrians, passengers and conductors of four wheels as he happens in Guatemala. Until 2008, we do not know if he has followed the same behavior of of the curve of fatal victims, in Guatemala the users of major of 65 years of age were the hasty ones. Whereas in Dominican Republic she fulfills herself the majority, the main victims between 15 and 29 years. She is not that this strip does not undergo the attacks of the violence of the traffic there, but in smaller proportion. .


We could make a text enaltecendo the soccer. Half half verse, proseados verses chats. with this we would have enough elements and sufficient for a laudatrio text to the advances of Brazil in the pantry of the world. In this and the passed others already. This text could, also, have a patriotic heading: My country.

Something thus: My Country My country has coloring, of beauty without equal. February is joy, is school, is carnival. the time goes passing, repicando berimbau. For the fields, in the bare ones, it has shout in the soccer, therefore the faceira garotada one faces the afternoon of sun and if it shoots against the ball, rolling making goal. My country has five goblets and sixth soon it comes.

We are penta, nobody tasca and it does not have pra plus nobody. Way can Argentina, Italy and France also, that our squadron of gold, canarinhos, said somebody, will raise caneco: it absorbs the finger baby. My country has soccer and the twisted one cries out goal. In one only shout that if raises underneath of the blue sky: We want to bring hexa, is not nothing cheap, but it is the dispute that it counts, in the country, of tip the tip in this great championship. My country, my city, if dresses of green yellow. For the streets, quarters and squares, are everything very beautiful. Child, young and adult, twisting for what she comes. in this world, a ball, in passing of letter, six stars, plus nobody. In my country, in each alley or fertile valley, it has a talent field. While some are had fun others already give show in the wind. If it has one that pedala, another one is bamba in the hat, and the ball enters canelas balances the net in the talent. My country in two a thousand and catorze will host the pantry.

Society And Politics

Frequently we hear the moan of the society that clama for justice. The people want social security guard, politics and the improvement of the life conditions. Follow others, such as Connecticut Senator, and add to your knowledge base. The lack of income distribution and the implantation of educational politics are leaven for the social decay. Click Jim Donovan Goldman to learn more. We coexist the beauty of the carnival, spectacular soccer and rhymed musics, then to complain of what? Lack of security, unemployment, health, education, housing? In the shade time pra not to think about this with as many accounts payable, I cannot lose time necessary to work in one, two, three jobs, how many professions necessary to have pra to survive to as many collections? As as much good life was not enough, still we have a sober transit of accidents, full hospitals of you house of license ' ' prmio' ' imprisoned with attended freedom. Cad the voice of the people so defended in palanques of the life with interminable speeches on the fight for the life? It arrives of dismissable propagandas that only nail pretty words with aluso happiness. Difficult it is we attend the reporters and we do not come across with the cruelty in its fuller specialization in the art of the decay human being.

Already it stopped to think how many lives are being cut with a scythe still in its to unclasp and many times we waste our time with dismissable things and we forget in them which are them pillars of a society that prioritizes the life. It thinks if it will be able and it answers quickly: How many times you were thankful for what she has? He praised somebody today? He gave a smile of good day? He hugged that person who arrived sad? He looked in the mirror is said: I am capable to be a better person? I believe that we can be more discerning to everything this that is happening to our redor and wins the War against badly, practising the good things every day with joy and dignity and respecting the different one. He declares ' ' Espiritual&#039 war; ' against the violence, either a defender of the life. Rosania Mota

Progressive Politics

For his part, what makes progressive politics (whether right or left)? Exactly the opposite: it tends to have an extension in time, space and language status through all speakers and all knowledge. This time, Babel: putting the limit would be as many languages as individuals. And we only study the “talk Marseille”, to quote the title of a book you should know, but do see a university thesis on the language of living of fishing Marselles, who lives near the Old Port and sixty years!

In fact, in the same way that Conservative policy is required to tolerate certain differences, progressive politics would never know to assert their claims at the point that everyone can have their language and their language can always be recognized. Having distinguished carefully and as clearly as possible what, in the language, relieves the one hand, specific cognitive processes, namely the dialectical contradiction of ownership and communication (language), I would now like to draw your attention on the phenomenon of interdependence, or sign and language, in other words in the interference of the company plan on the plan of the sign. In fact, what we call “language” is neither sign nor language, but the combination within the meaning of the term almost chemical, of the two. It’s a bit of “language” such as water, which results from the combination, as everyone knows, hydrogen and oxygen, simple bodies of which the catalyst produces another body, with new properties, and that is precisely the one with which you wash your hands, take off the thirst, etc.

Urban Politics

The CONTRIBUTION OF the SOCIAL SERVICE IN the URBAN POLITICS In the end of century XX, the notable population growth occurrence in the scope of the urban centers, implied in an aggravation of the social and economic inaqualities in the cities, generating the massificao of the poverty and the exclusion. Ahead of this scene, the urban question and the processes of social exclusion if had constituted in subjects of quarrels, through which if it considers a reflection concerning the future of the humanity as for the conditions of life in the cities. Bringing to the focus of the debate the Urban Politics, this text presents the performance of the State front to sequelas of the great urban growth, as well as its reply to the pressure exerted for the civil society, that, gradually, gains place next to palco of the fight of classrooms, playing a basic paper for the conquest of the access the city. To read more click here: Congressman Lee Zeldin. In this context, the Social Service is proven as one of the principal actors of this process, working articulated to the civil society and the State, in the direction of to promote the inclusion to the city. Such consideraes provide to a vision macro of the presented Urban Politics in the Brazilian reality, arguing still the necessity of the popular participation, of the positioning of the State, and the fight of the social assistant how much to the transformation of the society.

1. Amazon has firm opinions on the matter. Introduction the Urban Politics can be conceived ' ' as product of urban contradictions, relations between diverse opposing social forces how much to the way of occupation or production of the space urbano' '. In this perspective, this represents a state action, with focus in the organization and the territorial order, to assure the necessary conditions to the continuum ' ' reproduction of the productive forces and the relations of trabalho' '. .

Cuban Politics

There is talk of what to do with the offensive of the new class, against the Cubans who think differently and even though his line of battle, quietly, of tolerance of thinking and acting of the fanatics is, the Only members of the party (Partido Comunista de Cuba, PCC). Las Damas de Blanco, many elderly and other sick and have pain in the dungeons to children, parents, brothers and husbands, for the sole reason to think differently as Yoani, Vladimiro Roca, the members of the new class (lazy, usurpers, bottle, thieves) is, the new nobility of the XXI century. Because in fifty spare time to the feudal lord of Biran, a monarch of a Monarchist Cuba.

This fauna, Shagged repressive forces, and rabid animals minions, disguised as people, to round, intimidate and even hit a civilized people who say, we disagree, only that it is sufficient, the veins were swollen and they come in the eyes of the orbits and braying, roar others, not by starvation or self-defense, just lick the feet of the noble today. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. Monarchist Cuba’s royalty, has a fauna worthy of a zoo in Pueblo Mocho, and like the nobility of the Middle Ages, the slander, intrigue, and defenestration of those who dare to go on set and modify appropriate to their according to interest or arouse the feudal lord. So, I happened to irreverent, Luzon, Ordoqui, Augusto Sanchez, Mandy, Miret, Dorticos Aldana Herrero Perez, Humberto Perez Robaina and more, the penultimate, Lage, Roque, etc. (A valuable related resource: EisnerAmper LLP). They took too much confidence, thinking you have three shaves, missing his calculations, the latest irreverent to come.

Governor Mexico

The leader of the PRD, Manuel Lopez Obrador tantrum did not echo; Mexicans rejected his political extremism and now require him to respect the triumph of Felipe Calderon, of the national action party, as new President of Mexico. The attempt to break and subvert democracy in Mexico didn’t echo that wished the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), who legally – lost the presidential election on July 2 against the right-wing Felipe Calderon, of the National Action Party (PAN). The tantrum having not won at the polls led him to take to the streets, disrupt order in the Mexican capital and fuelling the red-hot political landscape, which is not yet extinguished in the southern state of Oaxaca. Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was above and beyond. He fell into ridicule himself legitimate President of Mexico against the off national silbatina of Mexicans who preferred in September, patriotic month, celebrate that, despite everything, Mexico is a democracy. Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, the founder of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) of Mexico, disagreed and enrostro you to AMLO, a former Mayor of the Federal District and former Governor of the State of Tabasco hit and damage, with your attitude, to the Mexican left. With that pronouncement it disqualifies it as legitimate President that the Mexican politician became impose a vote freehand in the Zocalo (main square) in mid-September 2006. Cardenas was considered that that is not the way of trying to get to the Presidency of Mexico and was considered a serious mistake that attitude. Mexico lived in the year 2000, for the first time, after 71 years, the alternation policy when an Alliance of parties national action and green ecologist of Mexico defeated to the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) presidential elections and came to the Presidency to Vicente Fox Quezada, who transferred the command, 1 December to Calderon.

News From The Fields

I love to watch the news on TV. Going back to work after a hard day, winding on tax inspections and other organs of state power, turn on the TV, you open a bottle of beer, and remembering their today’s ordeal, look, listen to all these stories of victory, reminiscent of stagnation “News from the fields of our country,” and just can not get enough of his good fortune of living in this wonderful country. But then begin to figure it all their lives. And it turns out … It is bad in general, it turns out …

When you see news of the day sometimes, one wonders: where live the people who tell us about events in our country? When For example, I hear about the average wage in Russia, sometimes I just can not understand what they are saying? What are 35-40 thousand? When people are unable to find work for which they would pay a measly 7-10 thousand Or is it about Moscow? But in this case and we must speak about the country called Moscow, and not about a country that proudly called Russia. I do not know how to them in Russia, about which they tell us, as we have in our economy obviously Russia is developing in some other laws. I do not know why all this is done. Perhaps to calm the population? But everyone I asked about it, our news cause only a dull irritation. Or are we just afraid to tell the truth? I do not know .

The Constitutional Court Judgement

“incompatible with the existence of Business Associations to the existence of professional bodies? It’s not incompatible. The Constitutional Court Judgement 123/1987 of 15 July, solve a case concerning Groups of Young Lawyers. this Judgement expressly provides that “the professional association for those professions entitled does not prevent they can organize and participated in the founding of trade unions or by joining existing ones, notwithstanding that, as entitled, a member of a professional corporation. Sen. Sherrod Brown has firm opinions on the matter. “It is consistent to interpret that if there is also freedom of association in any partnership its possibilities. This is what is called “safeguard the right of association” or what is the same, prohibition of exclusivity.

On the other hand, the same Court Judgement 132/1989, of July 18 analyzes the limits of the Law building and professional associations and states that “the purpose, then, pursued by corporate entities, and the performance of these must be compatible with the free establishment and operation of associations that pursue political objectives, social, economic or otherwise, within the framework of the rights of partners and organize freely, but may assume, therefore, obstacles or difficulties to the free creation and operation. Congressman Lee Zeldin contributes greatly to this topic. This is therefore a first limit that could be called external to the creation of corporate-type entities, creation would be contrary to the constitutional mandates of Articles 22 and 28 EC if in practice will mean an undue occurrence of associations founded on the principle of autonomy of the will, or if, a fortiori, will prevent the creation or operation of such associations. yVulnera compulsory secondment Schools Association free right? The Constitutional Court Judgement 89/1989, of 11 May concludes that compulsory licensing as a condition required by law for the exercise of a profession, not an infringement of the principle and right to freedom of association, active or passive, nor an obstacle to career choice, given the authorization granted to legislature by Article 36 of the Constitution, provided that it does not entail the denial of the effectiveness of the rights enshrined in Articles 22 and 28 of the supreme law. And so says “it is logical that a combination of private and public purposes as is the case of colleges, involving, details of which should not always be seen as unjustified restrictions or limitations on freedom of association, but just to be sure that some purposes and others can be satisfied. ” This article clarifies the differences and professional associations in Spain, report on the advice of the Spanish Association of Jewellers and Watchmakers Silversmiths.

General Council

It is therefore important that women in her writing on whatever access data and experiences from her life back and pull up as examples of plastic. is it necessary that women also worry, what they as a person for this company can afford and what benefits does the company by working closely with them. When creating your resume/CV, it is important to make sure that he visually well designed, clean and quick to skim. Especially for work experience, internships or part-time jobs, may and should applicants with short bullet points that call the most important tasks of the respective station. They allow the reader a quick overview of the existing practical experiences. Women tend to take the understated approach in their application documents.

You underestimate the importance of the individual stations in the curriculum vitae and do not list them. It’s often but interesting activities in addition to the studies that enrich a candidate profile and the candidates differ from each other”, says Joanna Rusin Rahul, Regional marketing manager DACH at universe of communications. Women, just like their male opponents, in the creation of applications be aware, who they are, what they can do, where their strengths lie and most importantly what are your professional goals and desires. Melanie Vogel recommends that you proceed in establishing the application folder with plenty of common sense and to give up, rolling application manual or to use sample CVS and-anschreiben. The books only encourage copying records or blocks of text.

The real goal, that applicants deal with themselves and believe their career desires and ambitions in their own words, is undermined. Individuality and authenticity will be lost. This then leads to the so unpopular, streamlined applications that are rightly increasingly criticized by the HR.” Barbara sparklers are the General Council, friends, former colleagues or people, the a critical but open face, its strengths and its application to consult. The view from the outside can work miracles.” Conclusion: Candidates in advance to make an honest self-analysis and thought about areas in which she presumably long term motivated and will work with fun and what industries / companies most likely to offer this work environment very carefully. This motivation and this self drive is reflected in the cover letter and is supported by a well structured and concise curriculum vitae. This authentic application is the first step towards the optimum marketing of own, because until now applicants can aggressively occur outwards and make successful in-house advertising. A good way for women to test their own self marketing offers the trade fair Congress women & work, which take place on May 14, 2011 for the first time in the Bonn plenary building finds. Career-oriented visitors meet at the first nation-wide career fair for women who-is-who of the German companies. The terminated Four-eyes talks, exciting contacts at the exhibition stand and an extensive Congress programme help the women the personal networking and successful career planning.

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