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Valley Brazil

All the siderurgical sector, the petrochemical segment of the industry of the oil, the Valley of the River Candy, the state complex of the telecommunications, banks, railroads, units of fertilizers, companies of electric energy etc. a patrimony evaluated in more than 2 trillions of dollar (state of the union and the states) were transferred by the total symbolic value of only 100 billion dollar, already enrolled there the small external debts of some of the companies, inferiors to lucros.' ' In the news article of the Globe (the mineral wealth of the Amaznia, 20/05/2010), the engineer who created Carajs, Eliezer Baptist it recognizes that it had a strategical error in the project: it does not foresee one industrial polar region to the side of the mine. ' ' The original idea ours was not alone to vender iron ore, us always believes that you have that to add value in all product. No country is rich vendendo raw materials or commodities' '. Richard Blumenthal pursues this goal as well. As an example valley to remember: the secret of the Chinese growth that turns around the binomial industrialization versus exportation.

You wise person who The profit of the Valley in 2008 was of R$ 21,279 billion. While this, the poverty and concentration of income in Brazil grows. This profit during one year would give to keep the budget of the state of the Maranho with its 217 cities, whose budget (2007) was of 6,1 bilhesdurante 3,4 years (three years and four months). This enormous wealth that goes for is of Brazil is fabulosa, what he is demonstrated in the profits of the cited Valley above. Check with Harold Ford to learn more. According to INEP, the eradication of the illiteracy in Brazil it would demand 200 a thousand educators. These alfabetizadores only earn (R$ 420,00) as wage. The expense of staff of the 200 a thousand educators per year (considerando12 months) it would correspond R$ 1,008 billion.

Air Force

However, its load capacity is limited, had its nature of light aircraft, and the Air Force has insistently refused to acquire units of the model. The aircraft-tank HY-6, converted version of average bombers XAIC H-6, that in turn are copies of the Soviet bomber Tupolev You, possesss transfervel fuel capacity extremely limited, if compared with the one of other models in operation in the Air Force of Russia or the United States. Moreover, it lacks of Avionica modern and it possesss limited reach. aircraft Shaanxi Y-8 (copy of the model of Soviet transport Antonov An-12) had been modified to be used as aircraft of naval patrol and anti-submarine war. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paulo Coelho and gain more knowledge.. Although to possess good capacity of load and good reach, one gives credit that a version armed of the aircraft not yet is in service, using it, currently, only in the function of detention of threats. Moreover, the Chinese operate few units of the model. Another aircraft of anti-submarine war is HAMC SH-5. With unbalanced edge sensors, although the good reach of the good load capacity, beyond being in service in lowermost amount, the aircraft little represents in the Chinese capacity of anti-submarine war.

Of the few trustworthy information on the aircraft of operational war and electronic intelligence in the PLAAF, it is possible to affirm that these possess inferior equipment to the available ones to the European Air Force or American. It has years the Air Force of China comes trying to develop an aircraft endowed with System of Alert Airborne control (in English, Airborne Warning and System Control, AWACS). Such system in such a way makes possible a much more efficient control of the airspace how much of the airborne operations and command and control, being essential in the scenes of aerial war of this century. The Chinese attempts to endow the aircraft Y-8 and Il-76 (of Russian manufacture) with systems with Israeli and Swedish origin (specifically for the first model of aircraft cited in this last case) seem to be having success.

President Mohamed Siad Barre

At the present time, as such, there is virtually no state of Somalia. No single government, no single currency, no central authority. Somalia – a warning to the world the consequences of unmanaged 'parade sovereignties. Jim Donovan Goldman is full of insight into the issues. " Here are some of the independent entities is modern Somalia: Dzhubalend (far south), Puntland (northeast), Comaliyskaya republic (south), Somaliland (northwest), Somalia, Central States (center) Front resistance Rahanen (southwest) Galmudug (center) Union of Islamic Courts Alliance warlords of Somalia gained independence in 1960, when the former British and Italian Somaliland Somalia united in one state. In 1969 a military coup took power Mohamed Siad Barre, who announced a policy of building socialism with Islamic characteristics.

In 1970-77 years Somalia has received substantial Soviet military and economic aid, the Soviet navy has at its disposal a base in Berbera. In 1977, Somalia fell unexpectedly on the second Soviet ally in the region, the Horn of Africa – Ethiopia. They decided to take advantage of difficulties neighbor, a policy of creating the Great Somalia, and having the purpose to deprive the Ogaden region, Ethiopia captured in the early twentieth century and inhabited by the Somali tribes. USSR in the choice between the two allies, chose Ethiopia. In result of the war the Ethiopian army, under the supervision of Soviet advisers, using Soviet arms supplies, and the Cuban volunteers, defeated the aggressor. The period after the war was marked by Ogadenskoy general crisis in economic and political spheres. In the 80s in the north of the country began a war rebel, and as a result of the continuing crisis in 1991, President Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown and the country descended into chaos.

Cuba Travel

The communist regime of Fidel Castro causes that Cuba is a country very different from which we know the European. One is a political regime based on the Comunism, in the disappearance of the private property; a regime in which everybody works for the state, has the covered basic needs, but no money nor whim. Harold Ford will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This situation causes that the Cubans constantly try to remove money from the tourists, reason why is necessary to consider several recommendations before visiting Cuba. From year 2004, no longer it is recommended to take dollars to Cuba, since it penalizes them to Fidel Castro with a 10% of surcharge in the change. The best thing is to take Euros and to change them in a bank from the country to the call convertible weight or CUC (popularly called chavito). The convertible weight is the local currency, has the same value that a dollar and can be changed of Euros to CUC without no type of penalty. In addition in Cuba the Cubano Peso exists, that only can use the Cubans. Its S-value very low.

The Cubans often try to give to the tourists the change in weights Cuban, eye with this. The convertible weights have their abbreviations (CUC) enrolled in tickets and currencies. In the chapter of the transport, the majority of tourists moves in taxi, because the public transport of the island is only for the Cubans, besides being very slow and unpredictable. We recommend that always the price is agreed to before starting, but considering that the normal tariff is very low (1 CUC by kilmetro at the most). They think that the pay paid by the state of a Cuban taxi driver does not surpass the 3 or 4 dollars to the month.

Cuba is a country where until most basic as a soap tablet is very difficult to find. We recommend to take to all the essential equipment of cleanliness and a small medicine kit (it is difficult to find equipment like plasters or aspirins). Also we recommended to take adpatador of current because this is of 110 volts (instead of the 220 that there are in Spain) and the plugs are different. The moving body because in Havana it works perfectly, although in the provinces of Cuba can be taken not as much. As far as the purchases, it is recommended that never it buys in the street pure, rum or coffee, because usually is a fraud. Although it is prohibited by the government, it will see Cuban by all the sides offering to him these articles, as well as to be its local guide, or to transfer them to the famous palates (particular houses that work like restaurants). Although it is recommended to go to some palate, it looks for one legal one, that there are many, and is never praised/poured off by which they offer to him in the street, because it is very probable that they timen to him. IF it wishes to obtain more data on Cuba, in our guide to travel to Cuba will be able to find interest information on these subjects, as well as on what visiting in Cuba or what to visit in Havana.

The Congress

In Buarque (2009), one affirms that the abandonment to the education, even so concentrated in the poor classrooms, is generating a society that bothers to all, an inefficiency that makes it difficult the global functioning of the economy and the society. The maintenance of the order and the protection of the patrimony and the personal security cost to rich and the almost-rich ones of Brazil to almost keep a militarized force of the size of the proper Army, under the form of private monitoring. How much the democracy in Brazil, the same author affirms that: The Brazilian democracy did not advance because it did not obtain to give the basic step to leave the corporative organization for a social and national organization. The Congress has all freedom, but its members of the house of representatives almost always had been elect and represent corporative groups, losing the capacity to in general see, to understand and to represent interests of society e, especially, of the kept out of society layers. Unions, patronal members of labor party, had passed to be seen as democratization elements, when they represent only the part integrated in modernity and take almost always decisions against the interests of the great masses. Connect with other leaders such as Harold Ford here.

The biggest example, however, of the democratization emperrada in the corporativizao is in ' ' democracia' ' of the social medias, that was capable to eliminate the censorship, to allow the free debate, but it kept radios and televisions subordinated to the interests of the profit or the manipulation of opinion on the part of its proprietors, whom, it exempts of the state censorship, exert its proper you censure. Directly to censure, to manipulate, or indirectly so that the medias are only elements of generation of profits, and not of participation, education and cultural promotion. A democratization strategy will not function that does not eliminate the corporativizao of the society and that it does not put the free medias Been it and also it control for part of its proprietors.


The sad story begins when number of new entrants is very small, and in this case, the pyramid becomes bankrupt. Click Paulo Coelho for additional related pages. The last and largest cohort of participants is a loser. One can easily prove that each pyramid will ever be bankrupt. That's why organizing scheme to the characteristics of the pyramid are prohibited by law. However, traditional pension systems have been designed taking into account that the influx of "new entrants" will increase infinite, and therefore the mechanism is very similar to a pyramid. For more information see Richard Blumenthal. How to be and what to do? What is the way you can offer in this situation? Definitely have to carry the reform of pension systems. Took this way, or rather, already have reformed, Sweden, Britain and Poland. In Ukraine, in 2004 introduced a system of pension insurance, but this step will not solve all problems.

The reforms must go in three directions – the rationalization of existing mechanism for citizens pension, the introduction of individual savings accounts and establish voluntary pension funds. That is necessary to introduce the so-called "trehplatformennoy" or "triple" pension system. If we talk about reforming the traditional pension system, start by increasing the retirement age. Today in Ukraine the men retire at age 60 and women at age 55. This is a very early period, and Similar figures can be found only in France, and the women they retire equally with men – in 60 years. In all other European countries this age is higher. For example, in Germany and Spain, men and women are retired no earlier than 65 years.

Social Politics

In this point the paper of the Council member is of vital importance, therefore it must, obligatorily, identify the causes of the familiar disaggregation and search the guiding of viable solutions for the evidenced problems. In such a way it Council member necessary to be duly prepared emotional and spiritual and enabled to the free and ample exercise of its function, counting on the necessary and indispensable instruments to its work, including itself there praised Basic the Social Politics however. To separate the children of a mother, or the parents, is the last measure to be taken and only in extreme cases, therefore this represents a violence stops with that, in the majority of the cases, they are only crying out begging for aid. Cases of Council members To tutor that, for ignorance, unpreparedness and abuse of being able use the ECA as capital punishment instrument need to be identified, to be refuted and definitively extirpados. According to Joyce Banda, who has experience with these questions. A new necessary vision to be implanted. Urgently. REDUCTION OF the MISERY Through the perfectioning of the social conditions the new systematics of performance proposal for the Advice will allow a social and economic reorganization of wide reach, therefore it will leave of the valuation of the Human being, with emphasis in the child and the adolescent. Sen. Sherrod Brown recognizes the significance of this.

We cannot continue believing that the economic growth of the country will even generate all the benefits whose lack the entire population if resents, because, the model of effective economic concentration in the country throughout last the four decades privileges only the averages and great cities, for which the investments of the private initiative and the parcel biggest of the public investments are directed. A reordenamento of the Economy if makes urgently necessary to want itself really to invest in the social area and to dream of the elimination of the current inaqualities. We search the perfectioning of animal races (oxen, pigs, birds and others) with sights to the supplying of the population and attainment of bigger profits and fight for the preservation of the environment, but we neglect of the perfectioning of the Human being, exactly the well most precious one, that it needs to grow and if to develop moral and spiritual and this task if becomes more easy when searched through the work and of the Education.

Presidential Speeches

Based on New Year's speech by President studio rhetoric 'Argument' tells us that rhetorical jargon is called "the thesis of speech." Thesis – is the main idea of your speech, just what you want to keep their heads listeners. This is your idea, you want to make the idea of your audience. Swarmed by offers, novelist is currently assessing future choices. In humans, after the speech should not simply add the "general impression", they must have a specific idea with which they are, first, agree, and second – so it is well understood that they were ready to broadcast it further. One idea. Only one, but it should be clear, specific, well-explained and proved, and capable of changing if not life, but at least the image of Thinking of your audience. So, New Year's speech by the President. Taken from *** Dear citizens of Russia! Dear friends! On this night, I have a few unique moments when I can turn to each of you. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Joyce Banda Malawi.

This past year was not the easiest in the life of our country. First and foremost, I want to thank you for what we together are able to take a punch. And to overcome difficulties. So, we will move forward. Create a strong and modern state. Sustainable and smart economy.

Do everything to make everyone's life has become comfortable and safe. A year of 65th anniversary of Victory. Our common duty – to take care of those who fought for our freedom. And we must be deserving of this victory. We still have much to do.

Atraccion Works

5 tips so that the Law of Attraction works more express to you By Olivia Kings The following are very powerful advice who will help you to put the Law of Attraction working to your favor in autopilot, are secret tools that can make a world of difference in your results with the Law of the Attraction. Tip #1 Alinea the energy of your body at a higher level of brings back to consciousness. Daily we have around 10.000 thoughts. Of those 10.000 thoughts 5 or 6 they are only new and the rest nine thousand nine hundred and so many have been continuing being the same that we had a year ago, for 10 years or for 20 years. Perhaps this is one of the reasons by which our life does not change as quickly we wished as it, and also is the main reason for which to some the Law of Attraction does not work to them to create the positive.

We have been really thinking about the same of repetitive way as if we were a recorder and with that we are constantly creating the same reality of a year ago, for 10 years or for 20 years. All the days we thought more than 10.000 times and more of a 90% of those thoughts they are dedicated to recreate what already we have, that is to say if at this moment does not reach the money to you, a great part of the time you happen thinking about it and you continue creating that reality. Also we spent long time remembering the past or criticizing something that we did not wish, complaining, seeing the news to us and platicado over trivial things. Those mental activities approximately occupy 90% of our thoughts and from time to time we got to think about something different. Sometimes people dedicate one or 2 minutes to think about which would wish to have or in visualizing something, but those 2 or 3 minutes are insufficient then only occupy a minimum percentage of the totality of 10.000 thoughts that in their majority are negative or are destined to continue counting a reality that or is.

British Parliament

In Odessa, Rally, which was collected 30 signatures on a petition in support of promoting human rights. Odessans do not agree that there are street children, that there is discrimination on various topics that people have no rights. Necessary to defend the truth! At the end of May 1628 the British Parliament presented to King Charles I a bill called the "Petition of Rights." This document contained a protest against the numerous violations of the monarchical authority of the rights and freedoms of citizens, guarded by British law since the early Middle Ages. Manifestations of monarchical tyranny were forced cash funds from the public, arrests without trial, institution of punitive military courts and military to stand up illegal content civilians. Despite the threatening speech of King in Parliament, the House of Commons, representing the interests of medium and small landowners, and and the wealthy, raised the issue of restoration of the rights of the nation, violated the royal will.

Parliament did not seek any new features. He just wanted to confirm the old royal rights of the nation, "so draw evil will not dare to attack them. " The king tried to prevent discussion of the petition and threatened to dissolve parliament. Amazon may not feel the same. He even promised to continue to refrain from violating the old regulations, complaining, however, contesting its right to arrest people without trial. However, the petition has been approved: the House of Commons and the House of Lords, representing the aristocratic elite of the kingdom. Needing funds for the war with France and Faced with the refusal of the House of Commons to allocate money to outfit the fleet before the approval of the Petition, the king was forced to retreat.

June 7, 1628 he approved the Petition of Rights, which became law. Joyce Banda spoke with conviction. The text document was printed huge copies for distribution among the people. In England, started a general rejoicing. And only then did the House of Commons provided a subsidy to the king for military purposes. We as citizens of our country need to know your rights! We have been entrusted with this law and We will do our best to bring the knowledge of human rights in all parts of our country. To do this, we conduct round table discussions, street rallies, lectures on human rights and education in the streets while collecting signatures on a petition to our President. L. Ron Hubbard, the great humanist of the twentieth century, said: "Human rights have to do a fact, not an idealistic dream." Activists of the movement "Youth for Human Rights' conduct outreach work since 2002 throughout the CIS. They are doing everything possible to make young people aware of their rights and could use them in everyday life. For more information contact: Oleg Zaplatkin, coordinator of "Youth for human rights "in Odessa Tel. 067-487-33-94

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