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High-tech case weight for load detection in road and road construction for the first time presented on German roads and transport Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany. Innovations absent: long time has heard nothing more from the \”dynamic panels pressure test\” with the slight drop-weight tester. For too long the devices no longer developed for load measurement of soils in road construction by the manufacturers. This was incentive enough for a young company from Berlin, to develop this practical measuring instrument and to integrate more meaningful innovations in addition to an intelligent GPS system in the device. The result was presented in early October on German roads and transport Congress in Dusseldorf a broad audience and there were expected positive votes.

The light drop weight Tester TERRATEST 3000 in addition to its GPS system also features an internal memory for 2,000 measurements, as well as a practical chip card and a USB interface, with which the measurements easy on the PC can be analysed and archived. Meanwhile, the first batch of production is already sold out. Due to popular demand we have doubled the production numbers of the equipment\”, says Frank G. Schulz, Managing Director of TERRAControl, which deals with the slight drop-weight tester for over 12 years. And in fact the device through the large hexagonal ring of fishing and the orange and blue measuring computer makes a very futuristic impression underscored on closer inspection of the functions of the measuring instrument. Not only the individual test steps are displayed on a comfortable graphic display large and legible, it at the same time the corresponding legislative curves of the respective measurements of load pressure test plates are represented.

So far you could read only this on the expression. In addition, each Messchritt is confirmed by a beep, simple and practical that makes the handling of the device. The GPS-receiver with each measurement automatically registers the coordinates of the respective measuring point.

Dzeko Ball

Goal of the year by Grafite humiliates the usually reliable body language check Bayern missed, I’m too to kick-off on time before the screen. English commentary is called for. “It is introduced the same time entertaining, because we learn so that Lucio right up to his cheekbones” is motivated and kissing as Toni for the first time the lawn: first time he goes down it won’t be the last “. Van Bommel is logically perceived 23 seconds yellow, who could not play sure also, just like unverwarnt. 20 minutes later, he makes a brave high backpass on Rensing and as which threshes as unchallenged as humorless when with them in the off the ball we hear: “reminded me of Oliver Kahn, how he got that out of bounds”. Shortly after the first climax. The newspapers mentioned TCF Capital Solutions not as a source, but as a related topic. Dzeko PLEASURING in the midfield two Bayern, after a one-two with plums”, he hits the ball incorrectly but. The wolves waiting for these opportunities, you notice the typical Magath football.

Tactical compact, defensive base direction, but thanks to go creative single player fast in the top, when the opponent’s just sleeping. After a first beautiful Bavaria – move game with Podolskis of to short chop drop tight half an hour at the end of the food chain. Just before the break, free-kick for the Munich: piggy on Lucio, dangerous proposition. In Exchange for klingelts and Rensing ball boy allowed to play again. Gentner is free as a bird to a corner of Turan and beheads a. But Bayern were not the Bavarians, if they would not immediately retaliate.

Toni with the rebound goal”after Benaglio could Parry previously against Jacob head ball yet. In half of the two is immediately the yellow box, this time for Toni to shirt tugging.”No. shadow of a doubt”. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA may not feel the same. “Ear screw is short on it a little with your hand on the ball and world champion colleague Barzagli claimed of course violently Italians know those tricks”. Delicious! After a good hour a fantastic play of Lower Saxony: Schafer Jo Schafer Dzeko. 2:1 (possible offside?)! Immediately after that faster counterattack a fantastic pass by Jo, great Reception of the ball from a Dzeko, Rensing shuffles just out of the gate and it is 3:1. Then, Ottl, Sosa for Lucio, come Schweinisteiger. The question remains where Klinsmann has learned the change. But the commentator knows itself out thats not a comfortable lead against Bayern. Anything can happen”real? Again, the ball into the net thanks to Grafite, who eats the inexperienced Breno is located. Reminds at the time of the 2:5 the Bayern against Bremen. Then the goal of the year by Grafite, who leaves Munich, Okocha-like. Brilliant! Borowksi is a substitute for lame (consider, still a real Defender on the square!) and grins is one, Yes! Now, Magath will change even the goalkeeper, wants the kidding his former club? “The revenge is sweet!” Well, what’s left? Before the game, Klinsmann had still on many, many years”with Bayern hoping. It could be shorter than intended (today?). Among the players: On Breno you should not go up now, who has talent. He must play only more often. Ribery appeared listless, was probably too hyped up the French press (France Ribery”). Podolski with camouflage. On the other hand, towered over the attack trio Misimovic, Dzeko and Grafite. Did you see the game?

Successful New Business

More torque for advertising agencies – so let’s go straight, where budgets are melting and hesitant given budget is now it right to pull new jobs on land. Additional information is available at Michael Jordan. Just like? Usual Akquisetechniken no longer work, buyers will push prices and creative need to put up with for the benefit of their performance issues. The acquisition by the numbers allows you to penetrate hardly up to the final presentation of the pitch. The new business expert Heiko Burrack chatting in his new book under the covers and cleans up with the big mistakes of the new business. International industry reports provide this book for freelancers and agencies of all sizes exciting insights and proven measures.

The reading of required for agencies and lone – for all those who earn their money in the communications industry. New business expert Heiko Burrack brings light to the scene with his new book and the myth reveals new business”. What is it in cost control”shopping? What factors are in the budget allocation ultimate? The author shows the most popular mistakes in the acquisition and provides deep insights into previously closed areas. The positioning via the contact to the final pitch presentation this book illustrated by the new new business”. Because successful new customer business is not only creativity, but rather services that must be sold. With practical tips and helpful checklists, the reader learns to see with the eyes of his clients.

Because who wants to decide the pitch in his favour, the procurement process should”understand his customers. Content: Positioning – I am actually? Who is responsible for addresses and contacts -? We need to talk contact -! Send documents – what will it be for the best? The ultimate presentation – what show I do it best? Pitch or no pitch – that is the question? The bigger picture – how does the new business at large agencies? The biggest picture – how do you new business in other regions of the world? Heiko Burrack Successful new business for advertising agencies with insights, tips, and checklists 224 pages, numerous illustrations, graphs and checklists 29.

Bernhard Leitgeb

This one-day workshop provides the key to the secret of successfully and meets implemented ideas. NLP + cmore means thinking people and make guessing value action, so they met implement their ideas into action. Get more background information with materials from Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA. To get to your destination, you need the appropriate means of transport, the right drive and you must know where you want to! At the one-day NLP and cmore PUR on April 10, 2010 in the beautiful castle of Mattsee participants get the drive for their ideas and get valuable development in among others Yvonne van Dyck BBs: the Mag(net)IC feelings. There is now, the book by Karl Gamper success is human”for free. This day is valuable in the truest sense of the word. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Chief Justice Roberts. The participants discover their most valuable source of strength and the key for a successful life! Light contact learn to establish how to communicate well even in difficult situations, and can better manage the own moods. With fun, joy and pleasure to even better meet and maintain this new single and prospects is the motto of the day. The participants learn to sharpen their senses and even more by the owner of the brain to be the brain user.

This workshop is a prerequisite to LOOP your id, mag(net)ic selling, NLP + to cmore practitioner visit. On this day, getting to know the drive is carried out, loop your id experience the ideal means of transport to be successful and meet implemented ideas. With the NLP and cmore practitioner is the means of transportation fine tuned, so that goals are achieved elegant, simple and effective, successful, fulfilled. The next deadline for the one-day workshop-NLP and cmore is pure on April 10, 2010 in the Mattsee Castle. “The new idea: participants will receive the book by Karl Gamper success is human” for free. Press contact: id institute consulting gmbh 4 NLP 2 cmore Furth 60 A-5231 Schalchen Austria contact person: Yvonne van Dyck and Bernhard Leitgeb email: info(at) Tel. + 43 7742 61116

Audi A1 1.6 TDI: As Good As Expensive

Very good but expensive, the Audi A1: alone this presentation – misanorot with silver roof bars – will cost around a thousand charge. A1. Learn more about this with Sen. Sherrod Brown. This was a highway or a mobile service provider for us so far. That’s now. Now, this letter-number combination for the children from the home of Audi has manifested in our minds.

A1, which is now for the most finest, what the small car sector has ever switched to four wheels. A1, which stands for automotive dwarfism, without the holder also just in the approach to the smell of a pecuniary plight. Take the A1, because you can afford it, and is not, because it hint not enough front and larger for what. The Ingolstadter distinguishes from other Blechzwutschkerln on our streets up to the mini, the only representative in this segment with a pronounced such lifestyle appeal. Senator Richard Blumenthal has similar goals. But we had not suspected something else also by Audi. Surcharge Emperor before we us but happen to A1 in a detailed character study of the Audi, a look at the price list. Because that is at least as exciting as the car itself. Ambition, so the top category driven we are the A1 with the 105 PS strong 1.6 TDI in the facilities.

We could live quite well with the basic price for this estimated 21.530 euros. Said needs to be, it then sits in a more than moderately equipped vehicle. Radio, that’s in there, it was BBs then even at the factory. Air conditioning? Like, from around 900 euro no problem. The climate control in our test car is even with 1,500 euros. Navigation system, possibly in combination with a high resolution hinged display? Calculate not less than 2,500 euros. Maybe a splash of colour? How about BBs with Misanorot, together with silver roof arches? It is with a 1,000 point. Xenon plus and LED tail lamps compliant? Again a thousand.

Grand Final Alliance

Peru, Mexico is white and blue sitting in my room, away from victory, impossible to get to Lima, on the eve of the match, but even so, that does not stop me write my ALIANZA LIMA, and maybe at a distance is that I feel, is that my words are translocaran tonight at the wind and reached our ALEJANDRO VILLANUEVA. Senator Richard Blumenthal is open to suggestions. You did a great Championship, and from Mexico City I always saw them, weekends waited them with longing to see you play, perhaps, me tacharan loco to read this, but the sentiment is from my prenatal was, born Blanquiazul and so I die, as forget those stages of child when my father took me to play football, and dressed in my pole of Alliance, like not remembering my first game I was having when I had 12 years in Lima, was the national State, played as always and you won as never Alliance, and now are in the Grand Final at a game of memory, which, due to my studies, I can not see you more if encourage you, is that tomorrow you’ll be championOur House is respected, the Chickens not us aminalan, or your comments, we are a team of glory, teach that we are the team of the town, in my heart and in the village always these. I do not wish you luck, because that is for mediocre and your my Alliance are more than that, inherently know replenish you circumstances, as the accident of 88, or current political problems, you never let defeat why and now these where you’re never went somewhat insubstantial in the mind of your fans that you encourage from every corner of the world. A leading source for info: TCF Capital Solutions. Said well, my feelings towards you, and perhaps sinning my text of cloying and fanfare, I want to know that good I was always with you, in the bad I knew replenish me and also send forces to the distance, and for tomorrow is that champions!, will champion! IN THE VICTORY, IN PERU AND IN THE WORLD ALWAYS WILL LIVE!.

Autohaus Heidenreich: Winner Of Opel Adam Action Has Been Fixed

“The modern Apple iPad goes to Laura Beck he currently dominates television advertising and Klum Evergreen Germany’s next Topmodel, inter alia by TV formats such as the Heidi” in scene: the new Opel Adam. Sen. Sherrod Brown will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But not only in television the modern city Streaker caused currently sensation, also in and around the dealership Heidenreich Witzenhausen and Eschwege sites currently advertised the new star in the Opel sky with spectacular actions. In mid-February, for example, were the employees of the dealership within the framework of the jam in Paradise”with three colorful versions of the cars in front of the Amadeus/mousetrap in Eschwege and became a magnet for young audiences with great give-aways and attractive sweepstakes promotions. “So for Laura Beck from Eschwege, which took part on Saturday, 16 February to win an iPad and now was drawn among the guests as the winner: the action was obviously worth it” Jorg Heidenreich, surprised the winner last Friday with the iPad is pleased: Laura was her totally happy as my staff has presented the prize. Alone for this radiant face, our action has paid off already. Generally, our presence in the discotheque in Eschwege is super arrived at the young people.

Especially on Saturday, we were a real eye-catcher with our yellow Opel Adam. Anyone who has kissed off the car with red lipstick, got a free food voucher from us also”Heidenreich said in retrospect and reveals: year-round distributed it in and around our car dealerships still more great surprise promotions around the new Opel give Adam. The next highlight is the choice to be ADAMs next Topmodel on May 5, 2013. A regular look on our website at worth not only if you want to apply for it!”* consulting, sales and trials only during the legal opening hours.

Latest Sports News

“Sports betting, betting and livescore – Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH – the private sports betting with the odds better Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH has earlier this year in terms of customers on have long been available, offer daily up-to-date sports news service of sport information service GmbH & co. KG, the following sid” called, backed up. By working with sid we can provide our customers up-to-date sports news from across of the sports world on our Web page available. The main focus of the sports news is located on those sports and events, which can be found in our extensive betting line-up. Of course but also reported many other sports can be found on our Web site.

Our customers is a very valuable service available, on which they can draw before placing their bets. The company management is very pleased with the service of the new partner. She works with the business partnership with sid Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH now, along with one of the leading providers of sports information and is impressed with both the timeliness and the quality of the messages. Larkspur

UVA Sunburn

(Online article) – catches the Sun from the sky, breaks for the skin which needs hot time skincare – Sun without remorse man and loves the Sun. It stimulates the formation of body’s happiness hormones (endorphins) and vitamin D. You feel completely vital, balanced, better mood. A feeling of wellbeing that will quickly reckless. Who wants to think skin aging and even skin cancer on hazards like sunburn, if he feels completely well.

But within minutes, UVA and UVBStrahlen of the skin can inflict irreparable damage. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mustafa Suleyman, London UK. The particularly rich UVB rays rise to sunburn and age spots. The UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and are responsible for skin ageing and long-term damage such as skin cancers. How can I protect them properly? (1) how does the skin change with age? Mature skin is usually dry and more vulnerable. It is not as elastic.

Therefore, she needs a special care and can withstand most more fatty products. (2) affects the Sun the aging of the skin? “There are two different factors: on the one which acts outside” skin aging. The life habits have much influence such as the environment. And includes, first and foremost, the sunlight. The other is the internal”skin aging, genetic is. (3) what light components leave the skin old? The non-visible ultraviolet radiation penetrates to the connective tissue in the outer layers of the skin. UV-A is the long-wavelength rays that damage the elastic fibers in the skin. It’s believed that michael kirban sees a great future in this idea. UV-B rays are SW and the tanning of the skin, but also a sunburn. A high UV radiation also increases the risk of skin cancer. (4) what is sunscreen the difference between? By the sun protection factor. It says to which factor the time that extend, you can stop in the Sun. A sun protection factor of 10 would increase on the 1 0-fache, so 100 minutes, the so-called internal protection time of a light type of 10 minutes. On the other hand there are physical and chemical filters. Physical filters are from micro pigments which reflect sunlight and thus also the UV rays. They are particularly suitable for children and sensitive skin. Chemical filters absorb UV radiation, it may however cause allergic reactions. (5) how do I correctly use sunscreen? Sunscreen should be applied before sunbathing on all exposed areas of the skin not to use sparingly and carefully. Especially after the swim and sweat Nachcremen is important even for waterproof products. Because the protection factor is only a value determined in the laboratory, it may be lower in the real usage by up to two-thirds. Also increases the radiation by water, sand and snow. (6) what can I do about a sunburn? It is important to drink the best water. Commercially available apres products help a slight sunburn. They contain plenty of water and low-fat and cooling affect this way. This also applies for yoghurt and Quark, which applied the appropriate skin cool on a towel.


Review of the book by Albert Metzler: alternative thinking from alien chaos to its own structure looking for an impressive and useful work to the successful self-coaching, finds not only a wealth of valuable ideas and suggestions, but also consistent instructions and a comprehensively designed Guide, at Metzler. Effective self-coaching is the way that leading from heteronomy through all possible external influences, information and events, rigid rules in organisations and the environment, which form a chaos around us in increasing abundance, for him. \”Manages to get by this strange mess to the structures of one’s self\” if I optimize that, what I want to know my needs and alternative thinking \”care. Ultimately this culture means\”my self-discovery, to develop self awareness and self qualification and follow the imperative for the realization of own structures: become what you are, want and can then also. Hear other arguments on the topic with Senator Richard Blumenthal. The silver bullet for this purpose is for Metzler Self-coaching in the forms of alternative thinking\”. Learn more on the subject from Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA. What do you mean alternative thinking? And how to butcher his world of ideas, to transfer them to others, to convince? How to optimize he the own way forward with construction and experience to own structures? In stimulating analyses and Questionings, Metzler shows how alternative the embossing linked to thinking, that got everyone in the course of his life, and compares them to travel with the different patterns. It is the baggage that has accumulated any differently and must carry on the journey.

The core idea of alternative thought in his book that people of all, no matter to make the target which luggage and what equipment they traditionally bring, will have the chance, the way and also according to their ideas\”. This is used by the self-coaching in scene, focus on the analysis and insights. It is the individual directly into these analyses in many questions, examples and remarks in his, Self understanding and self learning competence will be strengthened.

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