Overload More

It is of if to stand out, still, that it is possible to perceive that the insufficience of a cash number that it makes possible to take care of the daily demand for region, is the main cause of the difficulty in conciliating the police service with the necessity of its constant perfectioning e, this needs to be decided, so that the society is comes to be benefited with the quality of policing that receives. She is, however, necessary to consider that a stressada troop, definitively, is not a motivated troop. But, as if stress was not enough provoked by the constant concern in keeping necessary well-being of its family (spouse, children), the military policeman, still sees itself to each day disabled of if programming and giving to this, the attention that as much needs. This why, beyond extra and usual the overload of scales in reason of the lack of an adequate number of cash that is capable to take care of the daily demand, in the attempt of being able to give to its family one better condition of life, the state military man finishes for if subjecting to risk its life in private security nobody in s conscience sacrifices its recess because it likes. Time for the family? That time? E, in this trick, marriages of police go being destroyed! is this stressado policeman and without a bio-psico-social accompaniment who goes streets to interact them with the society As if this was the only reason of its stress.

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