Today, for reasons economic, social, cultural or strategic, corporate mergers are becoming more common, and in some cases, this type of process affects the Organization’s human resource. In general, the announcement of a corporate merger creates uncertainty in employees, especially in regard to their labour stability because the acquisition or absorption of companies is often associated with staff reductions. However, these organizational movements also represent growth and professional development options. DBM Spain, first company in the world of change management, wants to instill in the Spanish companies of the change management and change management process should be handled with delicacy and transparency. When a shareholder buys a company, generally makes for a very simple reason: to make money.

There are few who at that time think of the purchased company’s employees and those who believe less in the amount of money lost by not thinking about them. And is that all we have ever lived. Our company is purchased and in the process, the aisles are filled with rumors, the offices of tensions and anxieties houses. Appears anxiety and clashes appear clearences and fears. It is measured as 90 days after a change badly (or not) managed, people lose commitment. And with that commitment, low productivity up to 45%!, explains Alberto de Cordoba, managing partner of DBM Spain.

And to illustrate perfectly how should be managed this type of business changes, what better than a real-world example that DBM has lived in the last year. One of the first companies worldwide sold its division in Spain a couple of months ago. And to make digest that change with the least possible impact on its workforce, he decided to hire our services. DBM approach was segmented with key groups both work: controls and base employees. With the first, I wanted to make them promoters of change, who knew how to respond to the many doubts, fears of their teams.

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