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16. NATO membership is associated with improved climate for making business in Ukraine, and in particular to the improvement of international investment image of Ukraine. As a result of joining NATO, Ukraine in the eyes of international investors lose the status of 'post-Soviet countries', with the whole set of stereotypes for investors stamps – corruption, crime and etc. Western investors believe that membership in Western institutions, particularly NATO and the EU promotes the standardization of economic rules that are very important. 17.

NATO membership dramatically improve the prospects of Ukraine's accession in the EU. 18. Non-entry of Ukraine into NATO will contribute to the marginalization of Ukraine, its displacement to the periphery of international politics and this resulted in her falling under foreign influence. 19. At NATO, there are some 'reputable' members. In addition to the U.S.

– that Britain, France, Germany, Turkey. Based on the potential and importance of Ukraine to European security, Ukraine, with the entry into NATO may well be in a range of influence and importance to these countries 'jumped' at once several steps, which need to overcome decades. 20. Joining NATO will help Ukraine consolidate and gain strength in a relatively 'green house', a favorable geopolitical conditions. Problems of Ukraine's accession to NATO may be only six. However, most of them are potential. The experience of NATO accession countries of Central and Eastern Europe, most of them never come true. 1. Ukraine will be necessary to provide armed support to the Allies, if their territory is under attack in Europe, North America and the Atlantic Ocean to the north of the Tropic of Cancer.

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