NGOs Control

Then nation-States organised in various groups and with enough power to control the primary global monetary instruments. Read more from Amazon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Then the so-called emerging countries, among which the so-called BRIC. Countries without power of decision or influence in the context of the new game. Transnational capitalist corporations. The NGOs that influence of all kinds, from cultural to distribution of food or health care. In short, a whole range of participants in the interregnum of the old international concept towards the new overall concept. We are immersed in a communication network in which relations are set of all sides toward all sides. In a paradox, however: is open and closed.

We are all immersed in it, but there are actors who control it. The old concept of vertical power seems topsy-turvy by a horizontal conception of it. While fall the old institutions of control (school, family, work, etc.) while another that corresponds to what we have called the production of subjectivity with new modes and by multiple actors is born. Geopolitics, geoeconomics, ecopolitica, the world is not now as it was, could initiate Perogrullo, ensuring that Europe is not the dominant center of the world. Nor is the United States.

Eurocentrism or euroamericanismo, countries of Center and periphery, location of various worlds, everything to the basket of the past. This is a hybrid world where the transmission of knowledge is no longer where the power centers are diluted and monopoly of nobody. The geopolitics of competition between the great powers, or aspiring to be, on its claims of controlling territories or occupy key geographical positions, no longer exists. He came to transform into ideology and geared the thinking of leaders. We saw him until the end of World War II. The cold war transfer the confrontation to another plane, a confrontation also ideological, but very different, although the Comptroller geopolitical element was present yet, because we had to control energy sources.

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