New Zealand

New Zealand especially has a certain advantage with respect to many other countries of the world in a subject, that it is his vegetation, in a unique 80% only of New Zealand caused by its climate and specific fauna. Read additional details here: Richard Blumenthal. The majority of the trees that we found in the country is evergreen, and so the landscapes in the heat of winter and in autumn are not sad of bare trees but they continue having the splendor that have in summer or spring. As well, from the 4000 meters of height of the Alps in the South Island to beaches of more to the north of the Officers’ Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces North, the temperature difference is abysmal, and we can freeze to temperatures under 0 in the central zones of the South Island and simultaneously to arrive at the 20 degrees in the North Island in the heat of winter. Therefore, of entrance, we considered New Zealand an extremely flexible country as far as seasons of visit. Anyway, if there is an important factor and conditioner that is the factor price, I will divide and it in 2 great sections, the price of the flights and the price of the activities in New Zealand. With regards the flights, the best season is without a doubt during the winter of the North hemisphere, excluding for obvious reasons the dates very asked for from the Christmas season. At this time the prices can get to be as low as 500 Euros with exits from practically any Spanish important city.

In our summer, however, the prices are going to raise because it is high season, arriving like minimum the 700 Euros. On the other hand, the activities work the other way around. In New Zealand the low season is during our summer and the prices of rent of autocaravanas, lodging and activities several can less than get to be half than they are in high season, that goes approximately of October to March. Our recommendation from KiwiViajes is an interval, concretely the month of September, beginning by the South Island where the tips still are snowed and we lived the magic yet on the Alps their splendor, finishing at the end of September in the North Island, where the first heats of summer will make us enjoy the beauty of beaches and the forests in the beginning the spring.

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