The majority of entrepreneurs Network Marketing traditional have lived the following situation: have your list of prospects in hand, no matter if it is in a notebook or on an excel sheet sitting next to the phone, with butterflies in the stomach and again looking the list to see who of your prospects will call and perhaps reviewing one than another libretto of effective call that gave him his sponsor. Do you know that case?Does this sound familiar? Butterflies in the stomach is not more than the fear that produces knowing that you face a likely rejection. But thanks to the training you received with your line of sponsorship, you get chest, breathe deep and put again your armor you shielding before continuous rejections of your friends, family and even your co-workers. And your best reason is that the famous Pareto rule applies in all aspects of life as well as prospecting for your MLM business. So you apresuras to run your list how much before to find 20 that you listen and finally the 4 or 5 that join with you. Suppose that you were the champions who managed to sponsor 5 or maybe 10 of your list, in the best of cases. And if we return to apply the rule of our dear Pareto of those 5 or 10 affiliates, do few remain today in your network to develop the business with good results? So that traditional rhythm you do not strange that only 3% of the networkers get the results they all dream and the rest a high percentage left in its first month, likewise resisted until his first year and a reduced percentage persists in the attempt, some with his flame about to go off.

Fortunately, not all past was better.Today we have the wonder of technology that enables us to achieve great results at a very different pace. Thanks to technology, have you to call your prospects, they are who they’ll call you! They will no longer be only 100, in fact, you have the possibility to contact thousands and you’re not will make you who will make the presentation of your opportunity to each, tools that allow you to work smarter and truly productive. Do you want to know what it is? Subscribe free to my blog enter your name and email in the form to the right and I’ll send you free report: the secret that you DARA UN flux constant of prospects and affiliate. It will give me great pleasure can help you discover a new way to grow your MLM business. By your brightness and prosperity, Luz D. Castro.

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