It is enough to wait until the fifth working day of the month, to feel that the insatisfao is lends. Of a side, the master who spends very, of another one complains, cries the employee who earns little. To get worse, he is in transaction in the national congress, a law project that he aims at to increase the rescissory fine due to the employee in the resignation without joust cause, passing this load that long ago was of 40% for 100% of the balance of the siking fund. This maneuver is supported by one numbers extremely high of members of the house of representatives, who simply want to use to advantage the electoral year, to make average with its voters, occupying periodical pages and or> to work in the national congress, with intention to diminish the tax burden imposed to the employers, stimulating with this the creation of new jobs or the maintenance of the current ones, they increase the tax burden still more to be paid for the employer.

One politics> disastrous, therefore it finishes for becoming more onerous the contractual rescission, contributing of negative form with the politics of creation of new jobs. To the end of the accounts, the employee will be the wronged greater in this history. The solution for the imbrglio is exactly in a directly inverse direction to the proposal in transaction in the congress. They would have to create measured to degenerate the leaf of payments of the employers, being aimed at to sell at a loss the relation of the employer with the employee, and as consequence, to stimulate the act of contract of new employees. We know that the maiorias of the companies need to increase its cash, and that on the other hand, still hundreds of thousand of dismissed people exist.

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