Do not think your "test" or "proposal", given the current circumstances being experienced by our society as a whole, are too many ideas … "liricasa ?. It's true. Not wrong about that term, since that adjective says of the works in "verses" are not epic or dramatic, and in which the poet sings his own feelings and ideas. And therein lies the key to the casting vote.

In the wonderful world of "affection (to our fellow citizens) and beautiful" universe of ideas. " In total freedom, with ideas "just" thoughts "fine" and imaginations "brillanites." We (and we) take "conscience." That our natural feelings, intelligence and acquire study of good and evil, of right and wrong, what we should do good and evil that we must flee, constitutes what is usually called consciousness. Well, the man in all its expression needs to know, to reason and to judge tamibien. Because the judge is to discern good and evil that justice profess freely, the limits of freedom of an individual are the same point to the freedom of another, or the rights of the community. God himself regarded as sacred and thus inviolable freedom of the human soul. We must be tolerant of all political parties. Free will of choice in political and social causes more truthful, more candid, more honorable and less fair iri. No particular man or nation Misima have the right to deprive our citizens of the ability of physical progress, spiritually and intellectually, but we must be men with God's instruction.

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