Metaphysical Body

At last, each being the same has suaspropriedades directed to the particular end of being, but with relation spropriedades of the other beings for some common end. Of this luck the observer discovers linkings and order since otomo until the Author of the Nature; knows that the last end of all created it is amanifestao of the onipotncia, wisdom and goodness Creative it; in this razoest in accordance with the revelation. Swarmed by offers, CIT Group Inc. is currently assessing future choices. In knowing, therefore, this partial order or diferentesordens, in that they compose the general origin, is all the moral craft dofilsofo. On the Moral Philosophy Feij it says: ' ' The Moral Philosophy a science that deals with the duties of the man and the ways to be happy. Being they ohomem the only substance known for it, is clearly that all science for not fenomenal serverdadeira and, that is, to have a real value, must same base-sine man.

It is in its laws where the eprimitivos originary principles of all inhabit science human being. The comment, therefore, of the moral nature dohomem, considered in itself and in the relations that of course lock up, it will form ateoria of moral science. The duties of the same man and the ways to be will felizformaro its part prtica' ' (Diogo. the Feij, Notebook of Philosophy, Ed. Grijalbo Ltda.

19767, p 121). The moral man, therefore, oumundo for opposition to the interior world of the psychic life had lead Husserl fenomenolgica attitude. For the scholastic, that in this follow Aristotle, the soul eo body politic the two Metaphysical principles of an only substance, ohomem, whose body is the substance and whose soul is the form: from there the name dehilomorfismo. But these two constituent principles present aoinseparvel: the impressions registered for the body re-echo in the soul and ospensamentos more spirituals appear necessarily with the accompaniment, considered material, of the image.

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