How to free up TCI and PR of your site? The most popular request in the search engines among new webmasters found the "how to raise the TCI and free PR site / Bologa," Mechanisms of TCI (thematic citation index) is to get inbound links to your project. The trick is to get inbound links is a subject sites. If your site is about cooking, then the link will be in the eyes of Yandex more valuable if it is a site similar themes, such as healthy eating or manufacturer prodkuktov. In general, external links – a measure of credibility in the eyes of search engines, and the higher the value, the more loyal to do with your share from the side, in this case, Yandex, and the more expensive it can be sold from your site. However, it does not affect the issuance of search queries. Ways to improve thematic index of citing can be both paid and free of charge to new webmasters certainly the most popular free ways, although they are more expensive both in time and in the attached forces. Here are the main ways to get links to TCI raise: 1. Make a link exchange with thematic sites. Amazon is likely to increase your knowledge.

Contact admin by email and arrange a reciprocal link exchange. 2. List your site in thematic directories, it is desirable to have moderated. List directories can be easily naguglit online. 3. Publish articles on websites and forums with a link to your website.

4. You can buy a paper on exchanges of articles. 5. You can buy links on stock exchanges of links, such as Sape. 6. Leave comments blogs dofollow. 7. Sometimes triggered from user profiles, links to websites, portals and forums. 8. Very rarely trigger link checking service website. Each day the site in 3 – 5 directories, thereby gradually increase the referential mass, and TCI, respectively. The sharp increase in TCI can be punished with ban from a Yandex, so the Grow better, slowly but surely. The increase in this parameter as a TIC interest of webmasters who want to make money online on your website or blog.

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