INTRODUCTION the current society possesss a position that is folloied of the globalization process that they keep relation with the acceleration of the time, therefore, currently everything is in full and fast change. The idea of globalizado market leaves well clearly that the professional of the gift is citizen. So that the human being is citizen is necessary to know that this is not a mentally ill human being, and that to be mentally ill it is not necessary to be worried about the education in Brazil, with the methodologies of education, the formation of the professionals in the mathematics area. They do not go to be the education methodologies the preparation of the professional of superior education that go to characterize of integral form the professional future of mathematics, this must have incentive, right to an education of quality since the first contacts with its school. Recently the mathematics professors had started if to acquire knowledge of that its paper of professor demands proper qualification and specifies that not if it restricts to have a diploma of licenciatura or same doctor, or only the exercise of a profession, (CORREA, 2001). He demands this everything and pedagogical ability, therefore it is an educator. TEACHING PRTCA OF the MATHEMATICS PROFESSOR Each professor possesss a style, that always will be distinct.

Ready prescriptions nor specific solutions do not exist, because to be mathematics professor it involves conflicts of values, are a process that if develops throughout labor practical its. When initiating the practical professional is that difficulties are verified, such as: to attract the interest of the pupils for the mathematics lessons.

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