Manab First

Manabi province in the center of the Ecuadorian coast, has a pleasant climate ranging from dry subtropical to humid tropical and a temperature average of 25? C. it is distributed politically in 22 cantons, each with something different to offer themselves, national and foreign tourists. The Province owns 18.893,7 km2 representing 7.36% of the national territory and its population of 1.185.025 inhabitants. corresponds to 9.8% of the total of the Ecuador and the length of its coastline from Cojimies until Ayampe reaches 354 Km and its average width limits up to Eastern with Los Rios, Pichincha and Guayas is approximately 80 Km. The distance in a straight line from the boundaries with emeralds to the Guayas South is 250 Km. Since the transportation regarding air transport there is an international airport: Eloy Alfaro in blanket and two domestic Reales Tamarindos in Portoviejo and Los Perales in San Vicente. In waterway transport exists in reservoirs of Daule Peripa, Poza Honda and La Esperanza and the Daule and Cojimies, rivers as well as between San Vincent and Bahia de Caraquez.

Passenger cars total 11.890. The existing fleet, with more than 500 units in Chone, Portoviejo, Jipijapa, Pajan and El Carmen is important within the interprovincial transportation of passenger vehicles. Also in almost all cantons there are transport intercantonal, with an estimate of about 600 units. Several cooperatives meet inter-provincial direct routes with Esmeraldas, Quito, Guayaquil, Ambato and Quevedo, which allows a permanent flow of visitors and from these places. International shipping is centered on the port of Manta, which also provides services of cabotage along the Ecuadorian coast, mostly wood, fuel and fishing. There are lower for white fish landing ports as: Cojimies, Pedernales, Jama, canoe, San Vicente, Bahia de Caraquez, San Jacinto, San Alejo, San Clemente, Las Gilces, Los Arenales, Jaramijo, San Mateo, Santa Marianita, San Lorenzo, Pacoche, Santa Rosa, Las Pinas city, Puerto Cayo, Machalilla, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Rico, Salango, Las Tunas, Don Juan, Canoa, El Matal, La Cabuya, among other tourist summary Manabi is a region with special features that enable it to be a potential for tourism development, resulting in the evolution of projects to attract travelers of the Ecuador and around the world.

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