Law and Politics

Relation of law and politics in any society is always a question that is paramount: the right or policy. The right should be written under the policies of the state, or all the same policy should be the basis for the law? The fact is that right is closely linked with the state and most legal scholars believe that these phenomena can not exist without each other, because one breeds another. State – this is more a political phenomenon, rather than legal, as Party came to power, it becomes the ruling party. It forms the state machine and begins to implement its program, representing a variant of the general public. Thus, the law, a state policy is closely linked. The main thing in their relationship – common problems facing them.

They govern the relationship of public administration, implementing public ruling. Between law and politics connection is expressed in most various forms – mutual support, solidarity and blocking. This is determined by the concrete historical conditions, the relation of social forces, the state of social consciousness, of mass psychology, culture society. The interaction between the legal and political norms of flexible and mobile, it is changing under the influence of a particular situation. However, their close relationship and interaction remain unchanged. This is due primarily likely source of unity, which determines the genesis and existence of legal and political standards – of ownership. It is about property raises legal and political ties between the people here most clearly appear the needs and interests of classes, social groups and individuals.

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