Laser Occlusal Adjustment

Later occlusal adjustment is made by mechanical wear on the parts of the patient, in order to achieve stability in the relationships and roles, before reconstruction if indicated. The total occlusal reconstruction is the ideal treatment because it offers us the case reinstated permanence. Occlusal trauma is accepted that inflammatory and destructive diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, are the response of the effects of plaque in periodontal tissues. But there are other factors that influence the action of bacteria on the host, emphasizing its harmful effects, these factors are local, defective restorations, malformations of teeth and mouth breathing 5 The trauma of occlusion is the injury that appears in the periodontal support tissues (ligament, bone and cement) as a result of traumatic occlusal forces, so that the occlusal force exceeds the resistance or tolerance of the supporting tissues. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is open to suggestions. Clinical examination data more indicative is the presence of tooth mobility and flemitus (vibration of a tooth in occlusion), a sign that reflect inflammation in the periodontal ligament. This inflammation causes pain is not localized. DENTAL ANOMALIES. Most Dental deformities occur between the sixth and eighth weeks of intrauterine life because in this period occurs the transformation of important embryonic structures such as the dental sac, dental papilla and the dental organ in the histodifferentiation process will lead to the formation of enamel, dentin and cement. Odontogenesis is the process of tooth formation, which is continuous training begins with the crown and ends with the root formation, the ability of dentin formation continues throughout the life of the tooth.

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