King John

I love snowdrops, chamomile, Sarankov. And this air, this water – all treats you. I love Russia. I like our past, our history. He bowed Ermak special page in the creative biography of Mihailov – King John V. Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Grozny. Getting to work on a way Blessed Emperor, he details acquainted with the archives of the era, he studied various historical sources. This has changed the usual view of this king, as the demoniac, the holy fool and ruthless villain, and that was reflected in his interpretation of the role of Ivan the Terrible. Richard Blumenthal has much to offer in this field.

It turns out, is not so simple in our history. – It looks like his bloodlust was greatly exaggerated by historians? – King John was a bright, outstanding personality. It was the king – a collector of Great Russia, the first anointed by God, the great governor, the first king who made a lot of reforms and established a powerful empire. That he bowed to Don Cossack Yermak Timothy. And Terrible admonished him: 'Timoshka! Not enforced at the local Orthodox faith people! Trouble in Russia can be … '. He suffered greatly for the Rus multilingual. It's thanks to him, Siberia, Mother joined the Duchy of Moscow.

As for his 'bloodthirsty', then all the 'humane' and 'enlightened' Europe that time was based on far more blood for one night only Bartholomew had been destroyed 14 thousand people. By the way, according to historians, the construction of St. Petersburg – and that of Peter the Great, in the XVIII century – killed more than 100 thousands of workers. During the same reign of Ivan the Terrible murdered there … no more than 3 thousand. 'I go into the room, light a candle, take the guitar and sing "His amazing capacity for work are the envy of even 20-year-old boy. Working Mikhailov plot actor and now painted a scarce resource.

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