Judicial Authority

It would like to still know in the condition of citizen of this commune, that attitudes the local Public prosecution service and the Judiciary Power, have carried through or will make, if thus to desire, ahead of the cited ones and notified you denounce? Notadamente let us charge and let us demand more respect and dignity in the exercise of the public offices of that they represent in them, all transparency in the exercise of the politician-public activity, wants either in the Executive or the Legislative one, also with the verification in totum of what it was referenciado in the media, and that under suspicion it meets. It is to have ours as juazeirenses citizens to be intent to the events, and to effectively charge the verification and punishment of the presumptions committed torts, ‘ ‘ IT DONATES TO WHO DOER’ ‘ , time that, while the corrupt ones act in the surdina of the cabinets in our city, to surrupiar the public state treasury, more children leave to receive merenda pertaining to school worthy, more people will die in the lines of the public hospitals, will be taken care of in the ranks of health, as well as, the children and pupils of Juazeiro, had continued to receive public education from pssima quality, to perpetuate the call ‘ ‘ PACT OF THE MEDIOCRITY IN EDUCAO’ ‘! Passed one hundred years of emancipation politics, of which, we continue hostages of politician-oligarchical groups total descompromissados with the true causes of people of Juazeiro, I inquire you dear and suffered citizens: ‘ ‘ . .

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