Janeiro Philosophy

By chance he did not hear to speak there in the Tio monkey of Rio De Janeiro? He was chosen by great majority, at the time. To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. Now that it was itself, is thinking about occupying its space in the next elections. — Why you would make this? — He sees well. Many of vocs the human beings are each day occupying plus our spaces, and this is causing a disequilibrium in the nature, therefore where we go to place as many animals? It is not seeing what it happens every day in this country, where everything turns spree thieves; where if they pay true richnesses for multinationals if to install with tax exemption, in detriment of millions of Brazilians who if find in misery situation; where corrupt politicians apply tricks in the population; where if it allows the devastao of the Amaznia for the lumber, this enters a infinity of things more? Somebody has that to fight against everything this! I was made an impression with so great eloquence, but I admitted that it was ahead of that it had a life philosophy. Already it did not liven up more to me to call it animal. I tried to more know something on its ideas.

— What thinks to use as motto in its electoral campaign? — Something significant: ' ' It votes in a candidate who does not have rabo.' ' — But as, if I am seeing that it has tail yes? — You did not count on my astuteness. I go to hide the tail between the legs. Really, the citizen was very sly. Its philosophy of life was admirable. If he was elect, the least its situation would improve radically, therefore exactly being honest, back in Brasilia it would retire in few years. if my friend, when arriving there moved of idea and decided to put the hand in ' ' massa' ' , I say, in the pocket of the people? Well, it would not be the only one, coitado.

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