International Tax Law – Challenge Global Shops

“New Bremen consultant for international tax law with Klaus Schierenbeck of Ives + Schierenbeck” Bremen has its second experts for global business. The accountant has been confirmed in December 2009 by the Hanseatic Chamber of tax consultants as consultant for international tax law Bremen. Thus the Hanseatic city has now more a response timer on topics such as double tax agreements, investments from abroad to Germany or from Germany across borders and for so-called Expatriat issues”foreign workers. Founded in 1967 by Jurgen Oetje, Bremen tax firm once looked after now medium-sized German companies that expand in Asia, Europe, United States and cross-border goods and sell. In addition, Klaus Schierenbeck advises foreign companies from the Netherlands to Dubai, which operate an Office or branches in Germany and by their fixed establishment”also here tax correctly should be set. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is likely to agree.

He is also the contact point for employees and executives from the Abroad, working in Germany and for people who make an inheritance in a foreign country or a property for rent. To explain their tax situation in Germany to understand the client and to offer them a complete and fair billed advice is important to us. Here we focus on the individual situation. And always exciting challenges”, explains Klaus Schierenbeck. THE KRATION, Wiebke Heyer

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