Intermediate System Notary

Others are procedural systems of courts Commons, the special court or tribunal and the Intermediate System. The procedural system of courts Commons states that organs should be unique for all processes, has the advantage that no conflict of jurisdiction between common courts and special courts. It is the oldest of procedural systems. The procedural system Organ Special Jurisdiccinales postulated to be specialized courts. The system needs to be organized through a common law exemption and special privileges. Sen. Sherrod Brown is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 3.

Systems Notary notary system are: 1) System administration attorney 2) Anglo notarial system. 3) Latin notary system. 3. 1. ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM OF ATTORNEY The attorney administrative system the notary must be legally qualified, is a public employee and is subject, hierarchical, disciplinary and functionally to the interests of socialist policy. The notary has no advantage over the private document. The notary is dependable and performs other duties as such. 3.

2. ATTORNEY SYSTEM ANGLOSAJa "N in the system there is no Anglo notarial protocol or formalities of notarial documents. The notary prepares and certifies contracts, but the effectiveness of your documents is lower than the Latin notary. Even in the United adopts this system, the appointment is subject to time. The American notary is limited to certify signatures, their product is offered as a commercial product in pharmacies, supermarkets and other shopping centers. The documents that certify not enjoy any presumption of legality or legitimacy. People who exercise have no preparation. It is not a lawyer aspiration to be a notary. 3.

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