Homo Sapiens

Ruthless are all brandishing rifles. Thugs are all pointing the rifles; the mortars do not ask if you’re vile or you’re honest and bullets do not discern the infant from the adult. And the war makes us equal as to murderous beasts as a murderous beasts! Indifferent nature: what a Miss! Serene calm; next to the cheerful sound of creeks, to trinar melodious birds, to the jealous singing of the quadrupeds and more calm contrast completely with the roar of our constant battles. The nature is indifferent to the fratricidal excesses of Homo Sapiens continues its evolutionary course in an undefeated and silent concrete how much peace my God! How long will it last? PIM PAM PUM Fueeeego! And here we go again! It will restart A butcher Load: Trapped in a trench left by the explosion of a bomb already rotten corpses surrounded by submerged in my blood, sweat and tears resentidas tears of desperation and hatred and rancor and resentment but they don’t feel the same thing against my person? It is not my adversary as human as I? Maybe even have a wife and children a family who prays to God because he returns with life as my own family beyond this hell does Noooo! I don’t think so, it would cost me life! The adversary is my enemy is a being vile and disgusting, a wild a heartless how it killed if not I am convinced of this? And me I maintain alive if not killed those who assault me? TO THE CAAAAARGAAAAA! Bad movie: Awesome as a surreal scene in a horror film; Thus it is our day to day; in suspense, constantly in suspense: who will be the next to bite the dust? Will be maybe I? If so; should it not be now in a brothel? Surrounded by of splendid formosas models, consented and aclamado bathed in Whiskey and champagne and beer, and happy for centuries that I cannot see my family; now I can’t remember the factions of their faces; their smiles and emotional sensations, as much as I try it can’t display their faces, their countenances, not even their silhouettes, its blurry, his Ethereal silhouettes.

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