Worrying increasingly more it is seen as the economic situation in Spain does not improve, the opposite, and that the current Government is not able to put an end to a continued rise in unemployment is going to be a burden difficult to overcome in many years; as discussed grades them economic gurus. Anyway, I think that you there be a great economist to see the reality and observe that the Government of ZP is not offering remedies. More than 4,000,000 unemployed as a historical record is to see it all more than black. The problem will worsen in addition at the time that many people who are currently collecting unemployment are left without it, every time there is less spending and thus less income VAT for the State and, already beginning to hear the first voices that Spain is a real burden for the European economy and that could even be removed from the euro. Almost nothing. All a demonstration of savoir faire while many small and large Spanish businesses close daily increasing complications of many families to these issues we can add the amount of seized apartments, the continuous increase of delinquencies and well, anyway; something must be done because giving an important volantazo economic and politically if we don’t want to stay much longer in acute crisis which, in one way or another, I think we will have not recovered until the year 2019.

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