Golds are a stick of the arcana, that complement the other three minor, – bastos, cups and swords- and relate, online general wealth, both material and spiritual. Gold series starts, obviously, with the ACE of gold coins. This letter is more than auspicious, above all when it leaves exposed in the tarot of love Chuck. Wealth will come to life who makes the query, especially if the letter goes right. The ACE of gold coins represents projects that are initiated on fertile soil, roads that start to finish in the best way. If your query is about that person that we just know, few letters can be more auspicious.

Dos de oros is a letter that announces changes. But within this change there is an unstable equilibrium, such is the image that is displayed for the juggler juggling with two dishes. This letter is a wake up call for those who play both ends, i.e. having two lovers, or two people who are interested in them. Therefore, when this mystery is revealed, it is a warning that we must solve this volatile situation as soon as possible.

It is impossible to predict until when the juggler will continue with your game without that dishes from falling out. The three golds might think that it is diametrically opposed to the previous letter. It is the image of who receives a fair payment for their work, as a reward for their hard work and perseverance. If that person is interested in the consultant is difficult to conquer, this letter may suggest to persevere in their efforts, because victory is a closer than you think. The letter shows the delicate balance between the artist, whose art has no owner, and fair payment for what worked. So love too, because it has no owner. The cuatro de oros is a letter that shows to the miser, who has achieved a certain spiritual and material happiness but is unable to share it. It is a letter which has two facets, one positive and one negative. What is positive is that it arrived in life where wanted economic and emotional tranquility. The negative is that the consultant can not share this with anyone. It is revealed in the tarot of love, a call of attention to open our hearts and perhaps let people that surround us to enjoy in the same way as us.

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